May 30, 2019

What you need to know about solar wall lights


A light on the wall is always a good idea, but a solar wall light is the best idea when it comes to energy efficiency. Besides reducing your costs, you won’t have to struggle with cables anymore. And did we mention solar wall lights can add massive value to your property if you want to sell it? Find out more reasons to switch to solar wall lights in this week’s blog post. 

Solar outdoor lighting products have been increasing in popularity lately and are expected to grow even more throughout 2019. Therefore, using solar energy for outdoor wall light fixtures is one of the best ways to illuminate the exterior of your home. From highlighting landscaping and certain features of your home to keeping your property safe, you’ll fall in love with your solar wall lights.

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Benefits of using a solar wall light

Generally speaking, solar wall lights are some of the most contemporary, stylish fittings you can install in your garden. Basically, you can find everything from sleek, modern chrome wall lights to more traditional lantern-style lights. Of course, you need to consider your purpose for lighting, how bright it needs to be and how long it needs to operate, then make the choice accordingly.

But what are the other purposes of solar wall lights?

1. Marketing and aesthetic value

First and foremost, whether you are planning to list your home for sale any time soon or you want to live in it forever, solar outdoor lighting increases your home’s appeal and its value. In fact, these lights can make your home extremely attractive and absolutely worth the initial investment.


2. Security

Another way of using your solar wall lights is for safety and security reasons. In general, without proper lighting, your home becomes a target for burglars or can be easily vandalised. Wall lights, on the other hand, are actually bright enough that you don’t need to worry about the exterior of your home is too dark anymore.

3. Entertainment and ambient light

Finally, let’s not forget about the aesthetic factor. Solar wall lights not only add drama to the exterior of your house but they also provide ambient lighting. If you’re having friends over for a garden party, for instance, wall lights bring more lighting into an area for socializing. This also gives a sense of direction and makes unfamiliar outdoor spaces easy to navigate so that everyone can have the best time ever.


Our top recommendations for wall lights

Whether your wall light is hanging on your terrace or on the facade of your house, wall lights create a cosy and welcome feeling. So, have you already found your wall light? If not, here are a few recommendations from our lighting experts:

Let there be light!

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Until next time, choose the type of wall lights that suit you best!

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