December 2, 2015

Solar Roof Ventilators Vs Air Conditioning.

Now that Summer is officially here, no doubt more and more people are contemplating having air conditioning fitted. However, if you’ve had a quote on air-conditioning recently, you’ll know how expensive – some might say exorbitant – it can be.

You won’t get much change from a grand to have even a small 1.7kW split-system wall unit supplied and fitted, and that will only have the capacity to service a small bedroom – a very small bedroom at that.

Ducted air conditioning is even more of an eye-opener; the average price to retro-fit ducted air con to a standard 3 to 4-bedroom home of between 18 to 20 squares is around $10,000 (depending on the brand and the air conditioning company). Then, on top of the purchase price and installation charges, there’s the high cost of actually running and maintaining an air conditioning system. If only there were an alternative…

Organic ways to keep your cool this summer.

So, how do you survive in the blazing hot summer months without air-conditioning? It isn’t easy, but there are some steps you can take to naturally keep your home cooler.

For example, using heavy curtains and blinds on windows facing the afternoon sun can block out a bit of the ambient heat. So too can using floor lamps with a compact fluoro bulb rather than hot halogen down-lights.

Another way to lower your core body temperature is by frequently taking short cool or cold showers.

If you have an outside BBQ, you should use it more – ovens only add heat to your home. Then of course, there are electric fans. Lots and lots of them.

If you have bitten the bullet and installed air-conditioning, there are things you can do to save money, such as keeping all windows and doors closed when the air con is on, and setting your air conditioning on 24 or even 25 degrees, rather an icy 18 degrees. Remember that each degree lower you set your thermostat can add between 10% to 15% more onto your air con power bill.


Solar Roof Ventilators are a genuine alternative to air conditioning.


If air conditioning is beyond your budget, there are always mechanical cooling devices such as whirly birds and other types of roof ventilation systems.

One system to consider could be solar roof ventilators which are a viable alternative to air con.

Roof ventilation works by expelling all the built up hot air from your roof cavity (and because hot air rises, subsequently your home) and drawing in the cooler outside air.

The solar ventilators feature a built-in thermostat that automatically kicks in when the temperature reaches 25 degrees and shuts off when it drops to a more bearable 22 degrees.

The effect is like having a whole fleet of standard whirly birds going at once.

Solar Roof Ventilators are a much smaller outlay.  Our domestic model, the Cirrus, is just $450 and that’s for a top quality stainless steel construction built to last, summer after summer.

Plus solar ventilators are highly efficient, whisper quiet and only operate when you need them most…when the sun is blazing down on your roof. And the best thing is that they are completely powered by the sun, so no power bill!

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