August 1, 2019

An easy guide to solar energy: how do solar powered lights work?

How much do you really know about solar powered lights? Seeing an increasing interest in solar energy in Australia nowadays, it is important to understand the basics of this technology. This week, learn more about how solar powered lights work directly from the lighting experts.

main component of solar powered lights solar panelsWhat are the three main components of solar powered lights?

1. Solar panels

Solar panels are comprised of an array of solar cells, which are the smaller blue or black squares within the panel. They convert sunlight to an electrical current.

2. Battery

The solar cells are wired directly to a rechargeable battery (or more) that stores the electricity generated by the cells during the day and use it during the night.

3. Light transmitters (usually LEDs)

These lights are hard-wired into the electrical circuit as a single unit or in clusters.  LEDs can normally last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, are safe to operate and do not generate waste heat.

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The science behind the solar powered lights

The science behind the solar powered lights

First and foremost, the sun is the main and direct source of energy required to power solar lights.  Technically, a series of solar cells (forming a solar panel) absorb the sun’s energy, convert and store it into rechargeable batteries, essential for night time use.  Once charged, the batteries can power the lights once it gets dark. They can run hundreds of cycles, but over time their storage capacity reduces and eventually, they will need to be replaced.

Furthermore, most solar powered lights have a electrical current sensor (best option) or photo sensor (light sensor) which facilitates the energy cycle of charging during the day and discharging at night. By leaving the light in the ‘ON’ position at all times, the light will operate automatically. This means the light is turned on at dusk and off at dawn or when the battery storage is exhausted.

In addition to the darkness sensor, solar powered lights can also operate with the help of a remote control and proximity infra-red (PIR) sensor light.  This operates only when triggered by a heat source (such as a person) passing through the sensor zone.  The light is turned on and lasts seconds or minutes before switching off again.  PIR lights are generally used as a security or safety lighting solution in an area where a constant light source is not required.

Due to this advanced technology, solar powered lights are one of the most reliable, cost-effective and energy efficient solution for any home or business.

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