May 15, 2019

How solar ground lights can add value to your commercial site

If you are a business owner wanting a type of outdoor lighting that can easily tick your boxes, you are in the right place. Solar ground lights are not only practical but they also enrich a place with the special effects they create. In this week’s blog post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about solar ground lighting. Lights, camera, action!

 Light the way, please!

How many times have you found yourself in the situation of browsing through lighting catalogues for hours and ending up making cost or quality compromises? When building commercial sites, though, outdoor lighting is extremely essential as it can make or break a space. That is why choosing the correct type of lights for public plazas, parks or walkways would show your customers the right yet most impressive path they can take.

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Main advantages of using solar ground lights for commercial purpose

Just like any other commercial solar light, ground lights are an excellent alternative for areas where mains power isn’t available. And this is not all, because they are also:

  • Durable and functional

First of all, solar ground lights are built to last. They are usually designed for high-traffic areas, therefore manufacturers use a special type of glass that can easily stand the test of time. Plus, ground lights are also practical and safely lead the way to the destination.

  • Unobtrusive

Another great benefit of solar ground lights is that they literally blend into the surroundings…and into the ground itself. Not only that they don’t take up space but they are also discreet and almost unnoticeable during the day. But meanwhile, the solar panels work intensely to store the necessary energy and ultimately provide lighting all night long.

  • Easy to install

Sunbeam solar ground lightFurthermore, the installation process is short and simple (and we like to keep it this way) so that the ground lighting system is ready to operate from day one. Check out our Sunbeam solar ground light, a commercial grade light ideal for areas where mains power isn’t available that has no installation costs or on ongoing power costs.

  • Dramatic

Besides all this functionality, solar ground lights can also create drama in that space and its surroundings. Whether they illuminate a tree, a building or a piece of art, no one can argue the artistic side of them.

  • Eco-friendly/zero energy waste

Last but definitely not least, ground lights have zero impact over the environment due to their solar technology. This will automatically put a green and energy responsible label to your business.

How can BlackFrog Solar help you with your commercial solar lighting needs?

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Until next time, let solar ground lights light your way!

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