April 12, 2019

Why a solar garden spotlight are in the spotlight this season

There are many garden spotlights on the Australian market nowadays. Some are made of metal and some of plastic, some are used for accent lighting while others create a certain type of ambience. But why do so many individuals and businesses across the country choose them over the traditional lights? Find out why in this week’s blog post. Lights, camera, action!

For some people, the idea of switching to an entirely new light source for outdoor spaces can still seem intimidating. Is a solar spotlight as reliable as its traditional counterpart? Or is it more difficult to implement and maintain? Why solar anyways? The transition doesn’t have to be a challenge, though. For answers to these questions, read on.

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Top reasons to switch to a solar garden spotlight today

If you haven’t considered (yet) replacing your traditional garden lights with the solar spotlights, maybe the following reasons will make you fall in love with this technology:

1. Clean, renewable energy

First of all, just like wind and hydro, solar energy is also one of the cleanest forms of energy. Basically, unlike fossil fuel, the electricity generated by solar power to light up your garden doesn’t pollute our environment. Not to mention solar energy is also a renewable source of energy simply because the resource – sun – doesn’t disappear (or at least not for the next five billion years).

2. Solution to fight climate change

In general, the more we switch to alternative technologies, the bigger the chance to save our environment is. Popularly known as the Paris Climate Deal, in December 2015, 196 countries committed to net zero emissions (100% clean energy source like solar, wind, hydro) by the year 2050 to stop the accelerating climate change. Even as little as using solar lights for your garden, to begin with, you too will be leaving a positive impact, before it’s too late to save the planet.

3. Free energy

Last but definitely not least, who in this world would say no to presents…and free sources of energy? That’s our solar garden light can actually do for you: help save the environment while saving you money in the long term. Whether you want to illuminate a great outdoor surface such as parks, residential gardens or commercial outdoor terraces, the cost will always be the same: zero.

Our top recommendations for solar garden spotlights

In general, solar spotlights are a great way to bring any garden to life. They can either add drama, create contrasts or highlight particular garden features such as interesting plants or trees. So, here is what we usually recommend to our customers:

 No matter your choice, we strongly believe solar lighting has a bright future ahead. So, get involved and become part of the change for a better tomorrow!

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Until next time, make your garden stand out with outstanding solar garden spotlights!

Your friend and solar lighting experts,

The BlackFrog Solar Team