March 6, 2019

What solar flood lights to choose in 2019

Solar technology applications – solar flood lights in particular – have been gaining a lot of popularity in Australia lately. High performance, brightness and energy efficiency are just some of the reasons why people choose them over conventional lighting. So, if you are wondering which model is best for you, this week’s blog post will definitely give you some useful insights.

When it comes to solar flood lights, you probably think of those huge outdoor playing fields hosting famous sports events. Besides them, however, these lights are used in many other environments having residential or commercial lighting purposes.

In a nutshell, solar flood lights provide illumination over a wide area and deliver light performance from clean energy sources. But, if you are looking to purchase solar flood lights for your home or business, there are a few aspects you need to keep in mind.

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What to consider when selecting a solar flood light?

It is extremely important to know your lighting priorities before even doing any kind of research. That is why we strongly recommend you to make a list with your “must-have” requirements.

For instance, ask yourselves questions like: What area do you need to illuminate? How bright does the light have to be? How long does it need to work for? What is its main purpose or task?  What is your budget?

After all, these kinds of things will be very useful in the selection process. So make a list and make it happen.

 Our top recommendations

Finally, after creating the “wish-list”, now it’s time to browse through some solar flood lights models. But remember one thing: not all solar flood lights are created equal. Some are more powerful, some last longer, some feature motion sensors while others operate with the help of a remote control.

At Black Frog Solar, there is a wide range of high-quality products to choose from. With this in mind, we have the confidence you will find one that is just right for you:

In conclusion, no matter your choice, a solar flood light can always be an energy-efficient, money-saving and environmentally friendly addition to your lighting system.

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Until next time, save time, money and energy; go solar!

Your friend and solar lighting expert,

The BlackFrog Solar Team