June 13, 2019

How to choose the best solar flagpole light


If you have installed a flag outside your home or office, then you should know there are a few requirements around this. So, if you don’t want to raise and take it down every day, a solar flagpole light may be exactly what you’re looking for. Find out how to choose the most suitable solar flagpole light for you in this week’s article.

What are the flag protocols in Australia? 

As you may already know, the Australian flag should be raised at dawn and taken down at dusk every day. However, this is not always practical, that is why many people prefer to leave it up day and night. Keep in mind, though, that in this case, the flag should be lit up all night, according to flag flying protocols.

Then, why not going solar?

So, if you are in search of a commercial or a residential solar flagpole light, it is very important to choose the right one for you. The following features will significantly help you in the decision-making process

1. Functionality

First and foremost, functionality is one of the key things to check in a flagpole light. How powerful you need the light to be? A solar flagpole light should have enough power to fully light your flag. Since some models on the market can produce really low energy amounts, just find a solar flagpole light with solid output.

2. Durability

Durability is another important feature to consider. Since it will pretty much be exposed to sunlight many hours of the day, it has to be resistant and, of course, waterproof. You should avoid buying a model that requires protection because this can cause you extra worries and responsibilities.

3. Size

Furthermore, it is said that size does matter. That is why many people prefer choosing a large and imposing flag. But in this situation, remember you need to purchase a solar light that is capable to cover its full size.

Plus, you need to think about the flag’s shape and size when it’s blowing in the wind and when it’s resting. This way, you will ensure a complete illumination all night long.

4. Solar panels

Next, solar panels play an important role in your solar system. In general, their size depends on how powerful you want the light to be and how wide you want the light beam to be. Always keep in mind, though, that you should place the flagpole in a sunny spot in order to get the most out of the solar energy. Otherwise, you may require a larger battery or larger panels, too.

5. Warranty

Last but not least, pay attention to the type and length of warranty you get for your solar product. For added peace of mind, we recommend you to choose a solar flagpole light that comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty at least. This can save you considerable time and effort in case of a breakdown.

How can BlackFrog Solar help you with your solar flagpole lighting needs?

Solar flood lights can be a great solution for your flagpole lighting. While there are many options to choose from, here are some products that can successfully perform this task:

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Until next time, go green, go solar!

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