December 4, 2019

Solar fairy lights : top tips to achieve the best holiday display

It’s that wonderful time of the year again. The family gatherings, the presents and, of course, the solar fairy lights display are the recipe for a great holiday season. But before starting to decorate, here are some tips and tricks on how to make your home look merry and bright. Happy reading!

It’s no secret that decorating our homes for Christmas is not only a joyous and fun activity but also a serious competition for winning the best neighbourhood lights “title”.

So, if you really want to earn it, make a smart plan ahead and put your lights to work.

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1. Go for the energy-efficient solar lights

Fairy lights, also known as bud lights,  are extremely versatile as you can literally hang them everywhere. However, because they require power to light, you should carefully consider your options before making a choice.

In this regard, solar fairy lights will bring you a series of benefits, absorbing sunlight during the day to power the lights after dark and make your house look like a winter fairytale.

2. Select the colour and style you like

Next thing on the list is to consider your chromatic preferences. Solar fairy lights come in multiple colours and styles, so you can create a wide variety of displays. Multi-coloured strands are preferred for Christmas, to create the festive look.

Besides, the lights are also available in other single shades, such as warm white or pure white. Their classic appearance makes them ideal for an all-year-round display. Plus, the LED technology means a longer lifespan.

3. Measure the area where lights will hang

Planning is essential when it comes to achieving the best light display. That is why you should estimate the width or height of the area on which you wish to hang light strands. Take notes, so you’ll know how many metres of solar fairy light strands you need for each section.

Don’t forget about the trees and other features of your garden which will contribute to the whole display.

4. Create different moods

Fairy lights aren’t just effective for bringing the holiday spirit around your home. By weaving them through a tree’s large branches, you can create a romantic mood for your yard. Or, for the most dramatic and joyous look, you may want to use multiple strings and highlight every detail of your house or garden.

Finally, your home will look merry and bright this holiday season. And the best neighbourhood lights title may be on its way to you.


Our top recommendations for solar fairy lights

If you are looking for efficient ways to decorate your house and garden for the holiday season, here are a few recommendations from our lighting experts:

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Until next time, good luck with the holiday preparations!


Your friend and solar lighting experts,

The BlackFrog Solar Team