April 4, 2021

The ultimate solar bollard lights checklist

When it comes to solar lighting, it seems like it has been around forever but has still not quite arrived. Solar bollard lights are actually no different. While bollards were once just functional safety barriers, today they serve multiple functions, including aesthetic, security and especially lighting. This week, find out what to look for in a solar bollard light.

How much do you really know about solar bollards? Basically, they harness natural sunlight, converting sun rays into electricity via solar panels. This way, they store electrical energy into long-life batteries so they can provide light during the night.

Just like other types of commercial solar lights, bollards are mainly used to illuminate pathways, complement resorts, outdoor function areas and create a relaxed ambience.

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What features to look for in solar bollard lights?

1. Autonomy

First of all, the greater autonomy a solar bollard light has, the longer it can illuminate without being charged. So this basically comes down to the battery quality.

2. Material

Which is the best material for solar bollards? Glass, aluminium and cast metal will definitely outlast plastic composites when exposed to UV light and extreme weather conditions. Plus, they are also less likely to fade and become brittle.

3. Power Storage

Next, a solar bollard light with good power storage requires less time to fully charge a depleted battery. But keep in mind power storage is not the same as charging time. A low-capacity battery might reach full charge more quickly than a larger battery, but the high-capacity battery will usually have a superior power storage rate.

4. Automatic ON/OFF function

Most of the time, an internal light sensor turns the light ON automatically when the ambient light drops below a certain point (usually around dusk). The same sensor will then turn the light OFF when the ambient light reaches a level sufficient for charging.

 5. IP rating

Last but not least, it is very important to look at the IP rating the solar bollard light has. IP is the name of the standard that was drawn up by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to determine how resistant an electrical device is to liquids and common raw materials – like dirt, dust and sand. This will eventually help you choose the bollard that suits you most (we recommend a minimum IP65).

Our top recommendations for solar bollard lights

With solar technology improving all the time and becoming more cost-effective, we are starting to see new solar applications come to light. This is just a selection of the solar bollard lights we recommend for both domestic and commercial use:

Whatever you choose, solar bollard lights represent a reliable outdoor lighting solution that uses no wires, are easy to install and can be moved with relative ease.

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Until next time, choose your solar bollard lights wisely!

Your friend and solar lighting experts,

The BlackFrog Solar Team