We are an Australian company specializing in high-quality solar lights since 2003.  Our solar lights offer excellent performance, durability, reliability and aesthetics.  We can also save you up to 50% of your outdoor lighting costs over the life of your lights.  Although the initial material cost of solar lights may be higher than mains power lights, we will save you time and money on installation, maintenance and energy costs.  As such, we supply to government departments, councils, community groups and businesses.

Meeting your Solar Lights Needs:

As well as our proven capability to deliver, we also offer a personal service  including but not limited to:

  • Offering a range of lighting solutions that are at the forefront of research and development of quality solar lighting 
  • Backing our products with industry-leading warranties
  • Taking your project from concept design through to product delivery and installation
  • Providing the best value solutions for your project objectives
  • Follow up servicing and maintenance