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Twilight MAX Solar Fairy lights


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BlackFrog commercial solar fairy lights are the highest quality, brightest, strongest and most impressive string lights on the market.  Australian designed, these lights are built for commercial applications. Boasting qualities never seen in solar fairy lights before, these lights are ideal for permanent decorative lighting in public outdoor spaces or temporary mood lighting around marquees, gazebos and much more.

Taking into consideration consecutive rainy and overcast days, we have designed our lights to store sufficient battery power to run them for over 50 hours (approx 5 nights) with little to no charge from the solar panel.

Renowned for their high performance and longevity, these lights are a popular choice with councils, government and corporate bodies.

Features of BlackFrog Solar fairy lights:

360 degree light

Our 9mm long x 7mm wide LED’s emit an even light around the entire diode. As a result, the LEDs appear bright from all angles.  In contrast, traditional solar fairy lights generally have 5mm wide LED’s. These LED’s have a pinpoint of light which can give an overall patchy and dull appearance when LED’s are facing away.

2mm Thick Durable Cable

Our lights have durable 2mm thick, double insulated black cables, while, traditional solar LED fairy lights generally have 0.5mm thick cables. Thin cables are more prone to breakage in strong winds and from animal damage.

Remote controlled

Our lights come on automatically at dusk. Customers can also turn the lights on and off with the included remote control.

Waterproof IP65

Our lights have an IP65 waterproof rating and can therefore be temporarily submerged in water. Traditional solar fairy lights are not waterproof and subsequently are likely to fail after submersion.

Glass covered solar panel with lithium battery

These lights include a high quality 15W glass covered solar panel with two mounting options. The panel includes a large capacity 12 volt lithium battery which can store enough power to run the lights for over 50 hours.


  • 2mm thick double insulated cables (Black)
  • Waterproof IP65 rating
  • LED’s turn on automatically at dusk and will run for over 50 hours on fully charged batteries
  • LED’s turn off automatically when the solar panel is exposed to light
  • Override remote controlled operation
  • Commercial grade 9mm LED’s
  • Approximately 20 metres of lights with 10 metre lead in cable. Additional waterproof extension cables available 
  • Replaceable 12V Lithium battery
  • Impact resistant toughened glass covered 15W solar panel
  • Solar panel size: 34cm x 29cm (includes battery pack and mounting brackets)
  • Continuous ON function only[/box]
Click here to view 10m Black Extension Cable

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 38 × 19 cm
LED Lights Colour

Pure White, Warm White

Cable Colour

Black, White

Cable Length

10 m, 20 m, 30 m, 40 m, 50 m, 60 m


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