Solar Sensor Wall Light: Tirari White


Solar Sensor Wall Light: Tirari White

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High quality outdoor solar wall light popular as fence lighting, outdoor wall lighting, poolside lighting, stair lighting and more. Runs all night on an ambient light setting until the sensor is triggered. The light then turns on full brightness for sufficient time to enable safe passage past.

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The Tirari solar fence lighting is an eco-friendly solution for fence lighting, poolside lighting, outdoor safety or convenience lighting.  This high quality outdoor solar wall light operates on standby lighting levels until a person triggers the sensor. The standby lighting is ideal for situations where you do not need or want a constant bright light. The Tirari has an impressive 168 lumen output when fully activated.  This makes it perfect for around the home, shed, or carport. The Tirari is also an easy retrofit solution for your fence lighting, step lighting or outdoor alfresco lighting. This light can be easily installed by the home handy person saving on costly electrical installation costs.  There are also no additional power costs as the Tirari is self powered.

The added benefit of a separate solar panel allows the light to be placed in shaded positions up to 3.5 metres away from the solar panel. The cable length is easy to extend by adding our optional 2m long extension cable with waterproof plug.

This light will turn on at dusk and off when exposed to light.


  • Pure white: a more distinct white colour, has a crisp, bright white appearance

Features of Tirari solar fence lighting:

Durable glass and aluminium construction

Materials like glass, aluminium and stainless steel will outlast plastic composites when exposed to UV light and extreme weather conditions. They are also less likely to fade and become brittle.

Automatic ON/OFF function

An internal light sensor will turn the light ON automatically when the ambient light drops below a certain point (usually around dusk). The sensor will also turn the light OFF when the ambient light reaches a level sufficient for charging.

Separate solar panel

Separating the solar panel from the actual light head allows the light to be placed where it is most effective. So you can install the light head where it is most effective at night rather than where the solar panel will receive sun during the day.  Install the solar panel in a sunny position up to 5 metres from the light head.

Easy to install

The home handy person can easily install this light. Furthermore, the kit includes all fixings. Tools required: drill, philips head screwdriver


  • Light Size: 19cm x 8cm x 5.5cm deep
  • 6 high output 0.5W SMT LEDs
  • Poly-carbonate light cover
  • Powdercoated aluminium alloy body
  • Detachable waterproof connector with 3.5m cable between light and solar panel
  • 2 x mounting brackets: flush mount and 45 degree mount


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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 26 × 19.5 × 10.5 cm




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Cool White, Warm White

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