Solar Pillar Lights: Tanami: White


Tamani solar pillar lights are an eco-friendly solution for safety or location lighting to areas too difficult or expensive to operate by traditional means.  A popular choice for walled entries, driveway lighting and atop posts in dark and remote areas.



Stunning and practical, these solar pillar lights are designed to sit on top of posts, piers and garden walls. A blend of contemporary design and function, the Tanami solar light series is both reliable and durable. Tanami solar pillar lights stand 40cm high and include 21 bright pure white LEDs.  Customers can easily install these lights using everyday tools and place them in areas that are otherwise too difficult or expensive for traditional on grid lighting alternatives. Due to these features, they are a popular choice for walled entries, driveway lighting and atop posts in dark and remote areas. These lights will operate from dusk onwards. 

Made of glass and painted aluminium, these outdoor garden lights are durable against the elements. They also operate reliably and provide an aesthetically pleasing and practical lighting solution.

Durable glass and aluminium construction

Materials like glass, aluminium and stainless steel will outlast plastic composites when exposed to UV light and extreme weather conditions. They are also less likely to fade and become brittle.

Automatic ON/OFF function

An internal light sensor turns the light ON automatically when the ambient light drops below a certain point (usually around dusk). The sensor also turns the light OFF when the ambient light reaches a level sufficient for charging.

Easy to install

Secure the solar pillar lights into soft surfaces by driving a stake into the ground and sliding the post over. Alternatively securely screw onto hard surfaces using the included dyna-bolt fixings.


  • 21 cool white 0.2W LEDs
  • Battery: 1 x 3600mAh Ni-MH replaceable rechargeable battery
  • Height 40cm from bottom of base to tip of top of light
  • Intelligent day/night controller with overcharge/discharge protection
  • Painted cast aluminium post and light head, glass lens
  • Total of 2.4W mono crystalline solar panels located on the top of the light head.


Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 49 cm




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