Solar Batten Light – Stradford1500

Solar Batten Light – Stradford1500


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Save on your energy bills instantly. This commercial quality batten light and solar panel is designed to be both a functional and aesthetic addition to your outdoor space.  Constructed from premium quality parts suitable for Australian conditions, these lights will provide a long term easy too maintain, off grid lighting solution.  

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The BlackFrog Stratford1500 LED solar batten light is a highly affordable alternative to T5 and T8 batten lights. Unlike traditional batten lights this fitting is fully integrated (light source and light fitting in one). There are no tubes to replace and no power bills to pay. 

  • Over 90% energy savings compared to conventional fluorescent tube lighting.
  • Ideal for indirect (hidden behind joinery), surface mounted or suspended lighting applications. (fittings included)
  • End cable entry with pre-wired 2m cable for quick and easy installation to the 50W 18V solar panel.

You have the ability to program your light for your individual application by using the easy to operate remote control. This enables you to not only turn the light ON and OFF like a normal mains powered batten light, but also program your desired light intensity and time settings.

Due to the high quality and cost effective nature of the Statford1500, it is a practical solution for lighting on boats, caravans, camper trailers, tents, mining camps, farm sheds, stables, carports, bus shelters, remote amenities, outdoor kiosks, horse floats, tunnels, under cover walkways and much more.  Add practical and economical lighting to your project without the concern for ongoing power bills or power outages.  Constructed of UV resistant materials with IP67 Waterproof design, these lights will provide a long term lighting solution.  

You can program these lights to turn ON automatically at night or be used during daylight hours for areas where sunlight is insufficient to provide safe access.

Features of the Stradford1500 solar batten light:

Separate solar panel

The solar panel is separate from the actual light head. This allows customers to place the light where it is most effective, no matter how shaded the position, while the solar panel remains in the sun. These LED batten lights have a 2m MC4 cable between solar panel and each light head with the ability to easily extend up to 30m with out noticeable drop in performance. Recommended total maximum distance from the light to the solar panel is 32 metres.

Automatic ON/OFF function

An internal electrical current sensor will turn the light ON automatically when the ambient light drops below a certain point (around dusk). The sensor will also turn the light OFF when the ambient light reaches a level sufficient for charging. This feature can be over ridden by selecting the Manual operation mode on the remote control enabling the light to be operated like a normal mains powered unit (either day or night operation)

Easy to install

The lights are easily secured using the metal ceiling mounts or wire hangers. BlackFrog solar also offer a range of solar panel mounting options including soft cell flexible panels for curved roof applications.


  • 240piece SMD2835 high output LEDs providing 12W total power (1500 Lumen)
  • 2m MC4 commercial plug in cables between the light and the solar panel
  • Opaque UV resistant light cover
  • Running time at full brightness:  over 12 hours on fully charged batteries 
  • Automatic mode: The light will turn off automatically when the solar panel is exposed to light
  • Select manual over-ride on/off by using the smart MPPT remote control
  • Built-in microwave sensor provides wider and greater detection range.
  • Replaceable 12.8V 90WH Lithium LifePo4 batteries
  • Light size: 92mm x 84mm x 600mm
  • Regular 50W solar panel size: 700mm x 535mm x 25mm 
  • Impact resistant toughened glass solar panel 18V (Flexible solar panels also available)
  • 12hrs of lighting after just 6hrs full sunlight charging time



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