Solar Street Lights: Titan5000

Solar Street Lights: Titan5000


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Titan5000 solar street lights are integrated units where the light, solar panel and battery are all in one handy compact body.  Customers can program the these lights to suit individual requirements. The Titan5000 provides reliable off-grid lighting due to its adaptive lighting system.
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Titan5000 solar street lights are all in one units where the light, solar panel and battery are all integrated into one handy compact body. Install this light with ease as there is no configuration or wiring necessary which provides significant savings on logistic and installation costs.  The light head has a futuristic, yet timeless style which will fit into any street or outdoor environment.  

Customers can program the Titan5000 to suit individual requirements. the range of options include constant brightness without PIR motion sensor, 25-75% lighting output with PIR motion sensor and Summer and Winter modes. Easily select these modes using the remote control unit.

The Titan5000 provides reliable off-grid lighting due to its adaptive lighting system. These solar street lights will achieve all night lighting for three consecutive nights using the 75% brightness option.  As a result, persistent rain or overcast conditions do not affect the reliability and performance of this light. Furthermore, users can tilt the light on installation to increase sun exposure to the solar panel whilst the LED’s can be separately tilted for optimum illumination towards the ground. The Titan range of solar street lights are suitable for parks, streets, bicycle paths, parking lots and other places mains power is not viable or cost effective.  

The Titan5000 will turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Quantity price discounts are available. For a more complete package, we also offer poles ranging in height from 5-6m.  Prices are subject to project requirements, so please call our friendly staff for more information.  

We independently test our lights for ‘Distribution Photometry of a Luminaire’.

Features of Titan5000 solar street lights:

Dimming Function

After the first five hours of operation each night, the light enters dimming mode to conserve power.  This enables the light to operate up to three consecutive nights on a single charge. The dimming function has the additional benefit of reducing light pollution during low use hours.

PIR Function

This function activates once the light has commenced dimming mode.  During this period, pedestrian activity triggers the sensor, increasing the light output to 5000 lumen for sufficient time to navigate the area safely. 


  • High grade rechargeable and replaceable lithium batteries
  • Cast aluminium alloy, steel and glass housing
  • Size: 1687mm x 810mm x 385mm
  • Working Time: Varies depending on options selected
  • Charging Time: 10-11 hours
  • PIR function: when triggered, lumen output increases to 5000 lumen for 30 seconds each activation
  • PIR distance: 15 metres.
  • IP65 waterproof rating
  • Solar panel has a 25 year lifespan, lithium battery 8-10 years and LED’s: 50,000 hours (approx 15 years)
  • Working temperature: -25 degrees Celcius to +65 degrees Celcius



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Weight 55 kg
Dimensions 85 × 55 × 29 cm



Minimal stock available. Please contact our office for large quantity orders.


1 x fully integrated solar light with battery, pole mount, remote control and instruction booklet.

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