Solar Sensor Light: Endeavour1000 Sensor Flood Light

Solar Sensor Light: Endeavour1000 Sensor Flood Light


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This light is suitable for illuminating outdoor stairs, paths, carports or dark areas that need temporary convenience lighting.  

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The Endeavour1000 solar sensor light is a streamlined, eco-friendly solution for security lighting around the home and garden.   This light is suitable for illuminating outdoor stairs, paths, carports or dark areas that need temporary convenience lighting.  Due to it’s ease of installation, the Orion is an ideal outdoor safety light for remote areas where no regular power supply is available.  It is also a popular power saving alternative to mains powered lights.  Due to easy installation by the home handy person, this solar sensor light does not require costly electrical services.

The light head is made of glass and cast aluminium whilst the solar panel is glass covered with aluminium frame surround.  As a result, this solar sensor light is built to last for years and will not fade and become brittle like the plastic alternatives. In addition, the solar energy received during the day is stored in a quality lithium battery. Lithium batteries charge efficiently and can last for years while lead acid and Ni-MH batteries are less efficient and require replacing more often.

The Endeavour1000 will turn on when a person triggers the sensor and will operate to the programmed lighting time and brightness level.  You can adjust the activation lighting time using the digital controller which is on the sensor unit.  


Features of the Endeavour1000 solar sensor light

Durable glass and cast aluminium construction

Materials like glass, aluminium and stainless steel outlast plastic composites when exposed to UV light and extreme weather conditions.  They are also less likely to fade and become brittle.

Multi-directional light head

The light head can swivel up and down to obtain optimal light spread due to it’s flexible ‘U’ shaped mounting bracket.

Separate solar panel

Separating the solar panel from the actual light head allows for greater flexibility in positioning the light. So you can install the light head where it is most effective at night rather than where the solar panel will receive sun during the day.   Install the solar panel in a sunny position up to 5 metres from the light head.  The solar panel on this unit has a toughened glass cover and aluminum surround frame.

Lithium battery

Lithium batteries have a shorter charge time than lead acid, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd batteries. This is because lithium batteries require less exposure to UV light to achieve full charge. Lithium batteries also have a longer battery life (up to 3x that of Ni-MH and Ni-Cd) and therefore require replacing less often.

Easy to install

Easy to install by the home handy person. Tools required: drill and screwdriver. The kit includes all fixings. Mounting brackets for fixing to a solid surface are supplied for the light head and solar panel.


  • 10W high output pure white SMD LEDs
  • Powdercoated cast aluminium housing and glass lens
  • Adjustable metal wall mounting bracket
  • Light head size: 242.5mm long x 120.5mm x 92mm
  • Light output approx 1000 lumen max. (150 Lumen standby lighting)
  • 3.5m waterproof cable between light and solar panel 9V,
  • 1 watt toughened glass and aluminium framed solar panel with aluminium mount
  • Total solar panel size: 22cm x 17cm
  • Rechargeable and replaceable 3.7V lithium battery (located at back of light head)
  • Control lighting time: 3 options: 1hr or 2hrs at 500 or 1000 Lumen then up to 5 days at standby 150 Lumen
  • Sensor activation range: 5-8 metres

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