Solar LED Flood Lights with Remote Control: Capricorn

Solar LED Flood Lights with Remote Control: Capricorn


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These popular outdoor lights offer convenient remote control operation and an impressive light output for size. They are suitable for illuminating areas up to 10+m2

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Capricorn Solar LED flood lights have been designed for excellence in function, flexibility and performance. These popular outdoor lights offer convenient remote control operation and an impressive light output for size. Furthermore ,they are suitable for illuminating areas up to 10+m2. Common uses for these flood lights includes carport lighting, outdoor stair lighting, pathway lighting, security lighting and utility shed lighting. Due to the separate solar panel and multi-directional light head, these flood lights have greater flexibility for positioning of the light head and more control over the direction of illumination.

Easy to install and operate, the Capricorn solar flood light is an ideal lighting solution for areas around the home and garden or as DIY security lighting.

Select between two models:

  • Auto on: after dark the Capricorn will come on automatically each night
  • Manual on: You control when the light switches on (during night-time hours) with the remote control.  As a result, it will not turn on by itself.


Features of these solar LED flood lights:

Multi-directional light head

The light head can swivel up and down and left to right to obtain optimal light spread.

Separate solar panel

Separating the solar panel from the actual light head allows the light to be placed where it is most effective. So you can install the light head where it is most effective at night rather than where the solar panel will receive sun during the day.  Install the solar panel in a sunny position up to 5 metres from the light head.

Easy to install

Can be easily installed by the home handy person. Tools required: drill and screwdriver. The kit includes all fixings. Also both the light head and solar panel have mounting brackets to fix onto a solid surface.

Additional extension cables

Additional 5m waterproof plug in cables are available.  So if you need more cable length between your light head and solar panel,  select “parts/extension leads” in the “PRODUCT CATEGORIES” menu at the bottom of this page.

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  • 42 high output pure white LEDs
  • Painted metal light head with glass lens
  • Adjustable metal wall mounting bracket
  • Light head size: 16cm long x 16cm x 2.5cm thick
  • 5m long waterproof connecting cables
  • 5W toughened glass and aluminium framed solar panel with aluminum mounts
  • Solar panel size: 29cm x 19cm
  • Rechargeable and replaceable 7.4V 2000mAh lithium battery
  • Remote control with 12m range (line of sight not required)





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