Reflections150 Solar LED Bar lights or strip lights- Warm White

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Reflections150 Solar LED Bar lights or strip lights- Warm White


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The Reflections150 solar powered Bar light is a blend of modern design and functionality. This light offers superior weathering performance, and an impressive light output for its size. It is suitable for illuminating Box signs, Patios, BBQ areas, boats, pontoons, verandas, or stairs.  Easy to install and operate, the Reflections150 Bar lights are ideal for safety lighting, or shop front lighting solution, or sign lighting for commercial or domestic use. 

This light is designed to switch on automatically at dusk, and off again during daylight hours but can be set using the remote control provided to operated for a selected number of hours.

Features of BlackFrog Reflections150 solar Bar lights:

  • Solid aluminium waterproof casing 50cm long with interconnecting cables.
  • Durable materials: high purity aluminium with clear plastic mounting bracket, or double sided highgrade adhesive tape.
  • Offering 150Lumens per bar lighting levels.
  • Intelligent day/night controller with overcharge/discharge protection.
  • Lithium battery provides a shorter charging time and longer battery life span.
  • Designed to operate from dusk to dawn with 30hr runtime*.
  • IP67 waterproof rating dust proof rating.


Size: Solar panel         34cm across x 27cm high x 6cm thick

LED Bars:                   Maximum 6 per Solar panel x 3000K 30 Warm White LEDs                        

Solar Panel:                11W mono crystalline solar panel

Battery:                        11.1V 6000mA hour lithium rechargeable

Bars:                            Interconnectable (maximum recommended 6 from a single solar panel). 

Remote Control:       Range direct with aerial raised is 35m.

Light Output:

Lighting Time:          Approximately 30 – 12+ hours on fully charged battery depending on the number of lights attached.

Light Brightness:     8W or 150 Lumens per globe (equivalent to a 25W incandescent globe)


How it Works:           During the day, the solar panel charges its internal battery giving it the power it needs to light after dark.

Automatic Function: After dark, the light will turn on automatically each night. Lights can be turned OFF at the solar panel if not required, but battery will not charge if left in the (0)                        position.


The Reflections150 Bar lights have a 24 month return to base warranty* for manufacturer’s faults.

* Excludes batteries, after sales damage, neglect and incorrect installation.

Recommended Mounting

We recommend using the clear plastic brackets supplied for outdoor areas, but if mounted in a protected space such as a Box Sign, then using the provided double sided tape strips will be sufficient.



The solar panel can be mounted separately from the lights, allowing flexibility to mount on fences, hand rails, roof, facias, under stairs, or inside signs. For optimum performance, ensure your solar panel is positioned where it can receive a minimum of 6 to 8 hours direct sunlight per day.


The Reflections150 Bar lights are designed to work at any angle. Whether facing up, down, sidways or inside a structure, these lights will provide exceptional light for many years. Instructions, bar mounting hardware and solar panel fixings are included.


Depending on your application you can start with the basic kit, then add additional light Bars as required by your project. For example; A basic box sign of 60cm wide by 100cm long, may only require two bar lights, but if your box sign is 200cm long and 100cm wide then 4 to 6 bar lights maybe required to achieve even light distribution over the sign surface.

Or, if you have a set of 11 steps on external stair to your deck, you may choose to light every second step to achieve the required results. Note: if you change your mind, you can always add or remove a bar, or add an additional solar panel and kit to extend as necessary.


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 39 × 32 × 31 cm
No. of Bar required

Starter Kit (50cm – 30 LED's), 100cm (60 LED's), 150cm (90 LED's), 200cm (120 LED's), 250cm (150 LED's), 300cm (180 LED's)


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