Postmaster100 Solar Post Cap Lamp

Postmaster100 Solar Post Cap Lamp

Postmaster100 Solar Post Cap Lamp


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Bright due to the 24 warm white LED’s, and reliability, this light is ideal for block, brick or timber posts and piers, driveway entries and garden walls. With a light output of 100 lumens and an alighting time of 14+ hours, this is the perfect solar post lamp that is designed to last.


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The Postmaster100 solar powered Post Cap lamp is a blend of traditional styling with modern integrated solar technology.  The innovative design and exceptional features of the Postmaster100 makes it suitable for a wide variety of commercial and residential applications.  Made from heavy cast aluminium with impact resistant Perspex screen, this light is designed to withstand the elements, operate reliably and provide an aesthetic and practical lighting solution for years to come.  Easy replacement battery design by BlackFrog Solar in Brisbane. Allows us to service and support this product well into the future. Watch out for other models similar to this that include fixed batteries that are not replaceable.


This light is designed to switch on automatically at dusk and off at dawn.

Features of Postmaster100 Outdoor Solar Lights:

  • Fresh new styling
  • 2 brightness levels
  • Light operates for a minimum of 14 hours on a fully charged battery
  • Powder coated cast aluminium post
  • Power saving or constant brightness settings


  • 24 x 0.2W bright warm white SMD LEDs
  • Total of 2.4W solar panels located on lamp head
  • Size: 28cm high from base to top of lamp head
  • Quality Lithium battery 1pc L3 3.2V LifeP04

Product information sheet

Download the product information sheet here!


  • Easy DIY installation by home handy person. All fixings included.
  • Stainless steel screws in base plate for fixing into wood, concrete or steel

How to install

Locate your Post Cap lamp away from any light obstructions such as buildings, trees, fences or shadows.   Please made sure you hand tighten the screws, as using a power drill with screwdriver bit could break the Aluminium if over tightened.

Mounting onto concrete or brick:

  1. Using the base mount as a template, centre and mark the holes on your surface, drill 8mm holes up to 35mm deep
  2. Insert plastic masonry plugs into holes, place base mount over plugs and then screw down to tighten.
  3. Ensure light head and mounting base are screwed together prior to fixing to your location.


Mounting to timber or another soft surface:

  1. Use the base mount as a template to mark your screw holes and pre-drill 4mm holes
  2. Screw the base mount and light head together
  3. Line up the holes with the base mount and firmly secure down.

How it works

During the day the Postmaster100 Solar Post Cap Lamp’s solar panel charges its internal battery pack giving it the power it needs to light after dark.

Automatic Function:
After dark the Postmaster100 will come on automatically each night.

Brightness Levels:
The light intensity can be adjusted on the Postmaster100 Wall Lamp by short pressing the on/off button. Change between M1 (100% brightness for 5 hours then 25% until dawn,) M2 (50% all night.)


  • Pathways, driveways and driveway entries
  • Common areas of residential developments such as town houses
  • Garden settings



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