Commercial Solar Lamp Post: Royal2000

Commercial Solar Lamp Post: Royal2000


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Save time and money on installation costs with this impressively bright and reliable solar lamp post.  Due to the self supporting nature of this light you will receive immediate return on investment with no ongoing energy costs.   With durable construction and 2000 Lumen light output, this solar lamp post is suitable for outdoor public spaces, pathways, parks, gardens and more.
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The Royal2000 solar lamp post has a classic European appearance which will fit into any street or outdoor environment. This commercial quality lamp has high waterproof and dust proof protection and a UV resistant poly carbonate cover. The Royal2000 will provide reliable, high light output even during overcast days due to the large battery storage and efficient solar panels.  The combination of MPPT controller and PIR sensor provide maximum light output when required and energy saving output during low traffic times. The integrated high efficiency solar panel provides fast charging even under low ultra-violet conditions.

The Royal2000 will operate at 500 lumen, increasing to 2000 lumen when the PIR sensor is triggered. This function together with the large capacity lithium battery, will allow the lamp to operate over three consecutive nights during poor (low UV light) conditions.  With easy pole installation, the Royal2000 is suitable for outdoor public spaces, courtyards, pathways, parks, gardens and more.

The Royal2000 solar lamp post is designed to turn on automatically at dusk and turn off at dawn.

Quantity price discounts are available. For a more complete package, we also offer poles ranging in height from 3-4m.  These poles are locally made to order. Prices are subject to project requirements. Please call our friendly staff for more information.  

Features of the Royal2000 solar lamp post:

3 Nights Lighting Time

Due to the power saving dimming function and large capacity lithium battery, this light stores sufficient power to light for three consecutive nights on one charge. As a result, rain or low UV light conditions does not affect the reliability and performance.

Easy to install

Easily mount the light head onto a pole using the 4 stainless steel 316 grub screws provided. To activate the light just expose it to UV light and it does the rest. Poles are NOT included, but are available at an additional charge.

MPPT Controller

This controller is an intelligent control system that regulates battery charge and discharge, battery temperature and output.

PIR Sensor

Proximity Infra-Red sensor. This sensor will detect people moving past the sensor, but it will not be triggered by small animals or objects blown by wind.

Automatic ON/OFF Function

An internal light sensor turns the light ON automatically when the ambient light drops below a certain point (usually around dusk). The sensor also turns the light OFF when the ambient light reaches a level sufficient for charging.


  • Size: overall height 80cm; top diameter 42cm
  • Fits a 76mm OD diameter pole
  • High grade rechargeable and replaceable lithium batteries
  • Cast aluminium alloy mounting collar with high grade PC len
  • Controller: MPPT intelligent charge controller
  • Working Time: 400 lumens standby light then 2000 Lumen when sensors are triggered
  • Solar panel has a 25 year lifespan, lithium battery 3 – 5 years and LED’s: 50,000 hours (approx 15 years)
  • Working temperature: -25 degrees Celcius to +65 degrees Celcius




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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 70 cm



Minimal stock available. Please contact our office for large quantity orders.


1 x fully integrated solar light with battery, pole mount, and instruction booklet.

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2 year warranty


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