Solar Pathway Light: Mosman30B (new model coming soon)


A stylish pathway lighting solution for home and multi residential complexes.  The Mosman30B operates on standby ambient lighting until the sensor is triggered. Once triggered, all LED’s will turn on to full brightness enabling pedestrians to navigate their way safely.



The Mosman30B (Series 2)  solar pathway light has a slim, modern and sophisticated appearance. In addition to it’s visual appeal, the Mosman30B has an impressive 300 lumen light output.  Although bright, this bollard minimizes light pollution and glare by directing the light toward the ground where it is most needed.  Using energy saving proximity infra-red sensor technology, the Mosman30B solar pathway light will operate all night on 30% brightness (standby).  As a result, this provides an ambient light ideal for any pathway, walkway or pedestrian access area. However, pedestrian activity will temporarily adjust the light to full brightness, providing a high level of illumination when it is most needed.  These features make this solar bollard light perfect for home pathway lighting, residential unit development common areas or resort and caravan park walkways.

This high quality light will outlast and out perform other comparative solar models. 


Benefits to this solar pathway light:

Durable aluminium construction

Materials like glass, aluminium and cast metal will outlast plastic composites when exposed to UV light and extreme weather conditions. They are also less likely to fade or become brittle.

proximity infra-red sensor

The bollard provides non invasive ambient light in standby mode. The light provides full brightness when the sensor is triggered and allows enough time for safe passage past. The ambient light setting allows the light to remain on all night, while still retaining some power for the next night.

Automatic ON/OFF function

An internal light sensor will turn the light ON automatically when the ambient light drops below a certain point (usually around dusk). The sensor will also turn the light OFF when the ambient light reaches a level sufficient for charging.

Easy to install

The cast aluminium base plate can securely fix the bollard onto a hard surface using the vandal resistant dyna-bolt fixings (included).


  • 10 x 0.3W cool white LEDs
  • Aluminium with polycarbonate
  • Battery: 1 x rechargeable and replaceable 3.6V 2800mAh Lithium
  • Designed to operate all night including 50+ triggers.
  • The sensor triggers the light to operate at full brightness for 15 second bursts.
  • Intelligent day/night controller with overcharge/discharge protection
  • PIR: 4 LEDs will operate on standby power all night while all 10 LED’s will operate on activation of the sensor.
  • 5m sensor range
  • Polycarbonate lamp cover with plated reflector
  • Size: 80cm high
  • Solar Panel: ABS plastic covered 1.8W mono crystalline, located on the top of the bollard
  • Weather resistant IP65 rating


Additional information

Weight 4.2 kg
Dimensions 69 × 23 × 25 cm



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