Extension Cable for Twilight MAX Solar Fairy Lights

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Extension Cable for Twilight MAX Solar Fairy Lights


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Extend the distance between the solar panel and the start of your Twilight MAX fairy lights with this commercial-quality 10-metre long extension cable.

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This black/white extensions cable will extend the distance between your Twilight solar fairy lights and their solar panel while maintaining a strong, waterproof connection.

This will enable greater flexibility in light and solar panel placement.  A solar panel needs to be in a sunny and secure position. So the more distance between solar panel and light, the greater the flexibility for positioning either the solar panel or light.  As a result, your solar fairy lights can be easily installed under roofs or around dense foliage.

Customers can join multiples of this extension cable to achieve a maximum distance of 60 metres, including the 10-metre cable that comes standard with the Twilight MAX solar fairy lights.  

Features of our extension cable:

Commercial Quality Cable

The cable is full copper with double insulation and is therefore suitable for commercial applications.

Waterproof Connectors

Full silicone sealed connectors make this cable waterproof and therefore suitable for outdoor use.


  • Copper double insulated cable (black/white)
  • Full silicone sealed waterproof connectors

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 12 × 7 × 6 cm

Black, White

Cable length

3m, 5m