Chameleon4G Solar Commercial Security Camera

Chameleon4G Security Camera

Chameleon4G Solar Commercial Security Camera


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BlackFrog Solar is proud to offer the high grade, Australian tested Chameleon4G Solar Commercial quality Camera.

This all in two piece kit includes

  • large monocrystalline solar panel.
  • large capacity Lithium battery
  • weather proof metal mounting arm.
  • motorized 4G and Wifi enabled Camera with all the features expected of a Commercial unit.

These solar camera’s are easy to install in multiple locations especially where mains powered security cameras are difficult or impossible to install. BlackFrog Solar has installed these cameras in sea-side resorts, caravan parks, carparks, shopping centres, police stations, large private properties, parks and gardens, mining equipment holding yards, car sales yards, and much more. Expert help available from our staff, these 4G Cameras are exceptional value and well worth the investment. 

Receive a text message from your Chameleon4G Solar Camera while away from site then:

  1. Zoom in on the person who has entered your property un-invited
  2. Then using your mobile telephone to warn the offender (with the inbuilt speaker) they are being monitored and recorded
  3. Request they leave immediately before security arrives
  4. Download the video and use it to notify police or inform your insurance company.

With high resolution images, night vision, facial recognition, sound recording, speaker system, and 5x Zoom camera function, the Chameleon4G offers piece of mind, and long service life.

The Chameleon4G Solar Security Camera can be wall, pole, fence, or mobile plant mounted. 

The KIT includes:

  1. an exceptional 3yr warranty.
  2. expected 18yr lifecycle.
  3. IP 66 waterproof and dust proof certificate
  4. High quality stainless steel fixings
  5. 360Deg. rotatable solar panel bracket.
  6. Inbuilt 12V 30AH A-grade Lithium battery with 2000 cycles.
  7. Easy connect cables from Camera to battery and solar panel.
  8. Easy to understand Australian written instructions.
  9. and all the tools and fittings to install the complete unit.
  10. 1800 MHz. The 1800 MHz band is currently operated as a 4G network by Optus, Telstra and Vodafone in Australia.
  11. NOTE: Does not include SD memory card or SIM Card.

For the small cost to purchase the Chameleon4G solar Camera you can see immediate savings on our insurance premium. BlackFrog Solar offers a full range of service, parts and replacements for these Chameleon4G solar cameras, so you can buy with confidence that support is close by.



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