July 14, 2021

Product Feature: Capricorn Solar LED Flood Light with Remote Control

End of line Solar LED Light Sale!

The Capricorn has been one of our most popular Solar LED Flood light solutions due to its impressive light output for its size. The compact size of this floodlight doesn’t hold back on its performance, suitable for illuminating areas up to 10+m2!

Capricorn Solar LED Flood Light

The most common uses for the Capricorn includes outdoor stair lighting, pathway lighting, carport lighting, shed and security lighting. The Capricorn also features a separate solar panel for convenience and a multi-directional lighting head for greater flexibility and positioning.

If you are looking for a Solar Flood Light with simple and easy operation and installation then the Capricorn can certainly meet your needs. There are two models available:

  • Auto on: Automatically controlled lighting for after dark solutions.
  • Manual on: Manually controlled switches to control when it turns on with also a remote control.


  • 42 high output pure white LEDs
  • Painted metal light head with glass lens
  • Adjustable metal wall mounting bracket
  • Long waterproof connecting cables
  • Toughened glass and aluminium framed solar panel with aluminium mounts
  • Solar panel size: 29cm x 19cm
  • Rechargeable and replaceable lithium battery
  • Remote control with 12m range
  • Additional 5m waterproof plug-in cables are available


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Manchester10 solar post light

The Manchester10 offers an all in one solution light post lamp. It is able to fit all its components in one compact body, with no extra wiring and configuration necessary. The Manchester10 durability includes being waterproof, dustproof, all in a UV resistant polycarbonate cover. This product has reached its end of line, however you still get all the benefits of warranty and spare parts through us!

[box type=”info”]


  • High grade rechargeable and replaceable lithium batteries
  • Cast aluminium alloy mounting collar with high grade PC variegated Opaque len
  • Controller: MPPT intelligent charge controller
  • Working Time: 1000 Lumen all night
  • Solar panel has a 25 year lifespan, lithium battery 3 – 5 years and LED’s: 50,000 hours (approx 15 years)
  • Working temperature: -25 degrees Celcius to +65 degrees Celcius[/box]

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