November 22, 2019

Our new website is live!

It’s Here! The wait is over! Our new website is live.

In our last week’s blog post we announced the new design of our new website

new website

After a few months of hard work, our web partners from Upward Consulting help us deploy our new website today.

Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors and easier way to find more about our company and about our solar lighting products.

Enjoy the new products and stay tuned for more blog articles & tutorials to help you pick the right solar lighting solution for your needs.

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Meet 5 of our latest products: 

strata20 image1. Strata20 solar Pillar/Bollard light

The Strata20 solar powered pillar/bollard light is a blend of modern design and functionality. This light offers superior weathering performance, power-saving PIR operation and an impressive light output from each side (independently selectable). It is suitable for illuminating areas up to three metres from the base.  Easy to install and operate, the Strata20 is an ideal safety and security lighting solution for pathways and gardens.

2. Twilight300 Multicoloured Fairy string lights

Our commercial-grade solar fairy lights are unrivalled in quality and performance. Designed and developed in Australia, these waterproof 12 volts LED light strings also include a remote control function.

The large lithium battery stores enough energy to power the lights for over 50 consecutive hours.

In addition, the impressively bright LED’s produce a uniform light that you can see from any angle. These qualities together with durable 2mm thick cables with double insulation, make our fairy lights perfect for commercial use. A popular choice for permanent decorative lighting in public outdoor spaces or temporary mood lighting around marquees and gazebos.

3. Do you need a solar sign light? Lunar3 Solar light is the perfect solution.

Lunar3 Series are sign lights designed to be durable, functional and provide a cost-effective solution for illuminating signs, billboards and other external commercial displays.

4. Royal2000 solar post lamp

Save time and money on installation costs with this impressively bright and reliable solar lamp post.  Due to the self-supporting nature of this light, you will receive an immediate return on investment with no ongoing energy costs.   With durable construction and 2000 Lumen light output, this solar lamp post is suitable for outdoor public spaces, pathways, parks, gardens and more.

5. Astra400 solar wall light

The Astra400B solar Wall/Bulkhead Light places all components into one handy compact unit, ensuring fast and cost-effective installation.

Furthermore, customers can achieve significant cost savings over the operational life of the light.

Unique features: 50% faster sunlight charging time LED power level indicator Smart sensor technology allows 10 days lighting time on a full charge Compact all in one unit.

If you need any commercial solar lighting solutions call BlackFrog Solar at 07 3881 1990 and schedule a free consultation today.

Until next time, browse our new website launch & find your perfect solar product!

Your friend and solar lighting experts,

The BlackFrog Solar Team