December 12, 2019

Top must have products for Christmas

It’s that wonderful time of the year again. Here is a list of must-have products for Christmas, that provide extra security great when you go away on holiday.

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1. Orion Proximity Infla-Red security sensor light 

The Orion solar sensor light is a streamlined, eco-friendly solution for security lighting around the home and garden. The Orion will turn on when a person triggers the sensor and will operate to the programmed lighting time and brightness level.  You can adjust the activation lighting time using the digital controller which is on the sensor unit.

This light is suitable for illuminating outdoor stairs, paths, carports or dark areas that need temporary convenience lighting.  Due to its ease of installation, the Orion is an ideal outdoor safety light for remote areas where no regular power supply is available.  It is also a popular power-saving alternative to mains powered lights.  Due to easy installation by the home handy person, this solar sensor light does not require costly electrical services.

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2. Endeavour1000

Endeavour1000 light is suitable for illuminating outdoor stairs, paths, carports or dark areas that need temporary convenience lighting.


  • 10W high output pure white SMD LEDs
  • Powdercoated cast aluminium housing and glass lens
  • Adjustable metal wall mounting bracket
  • Light head size: 242.5mm long x 120.5mm x 92mm
  • Light output approx 1000 lumen max. (150 Lumen standby lighting)
  • 3.5m waterproof cable between light and solar panel 9V,
  • 1 watt toughened glass and aluminium framed solar panel with aluminium mount
  • Total solar panel size: 22cm x 17cm
  • Rechargeable and replaceable 3.7V lithium battery (located at the back of the light head)
  • Control lighting time: 3 options: 1hr or 2hrs at 500 or 1000 Lumen then up to 5 days at standby 150 Lumen
  • Sensor activation range: 5-8 metres

Buy it now for $189

3. Astra400 – Solar Proximity Infla-Red security sensor wall light

The Astra400B solar Wall/Bulkhead Light places all components into one handy compact unit, ensuring fast and cost-effective installation.

Furthermore, customers can achieve significant cost savings over the operational life of the light.

Unique features: 50% faster sunlight charging time LED power level indicator Smart sensor technology allows 10 days lighting time on a full charge Compact all in one unit.

Buy it now for $169

4. Masterlite1200 & Masterlite2500  – Popular products to help with lighting and phone charging

Easy to install and operate, the Masterlite1200 & Masterlite2500 are ideal safety and security lighting solution for sheds, pergolas, horse stables, bus shelters, motorhomes, caravans, camping, and more.

It is suitable for illuminating areas up to 6 metres. This light is designed to switch on automatically at dusk, and off again during daylight hours but can be overridden via the weather-resistant wall switch. The light can also be programmed for multiple operations, and times. A 5V 1Amp USB charging port is also provided for charging mobiles, mobile devices and lab tops. (remote control included)

Buy Masterlite1200 for $290 

Buy Masterlite2500 for $390

5. Royal2000 –Commercial Solar Lamp Post

Save time and money on installation costs with this impressively bright and reliable solar lamp post.  Due to the self-supporting nature of this light, you will receive an immediate return on investment with no ongoing energy costs.   With durable construction and 2000 Lumen light output, this solar lamp post is suitable for outdoor public spaces, pathways, parks, gardens and more.

We can provide a free 2.15m pole with a ground spike during December and January!

Buy the Royal2000 for $520

6. Manchester10

The Manchester10 integrated solar post light is an all in one unit. This solar lighting solution places all components into one handy compact body.

No configuration and wiring are necessary for users. The light has a modern, yet classic style which will fit into any street or outdoor environment.

This is in part due to its elegant patent design with a soft, opaque appearance. This durable light also has high waterproof and dustproof protection and a UV resistant polycarbonate cover.

Quantity price discounts are available. For a more complete package, we also offer poles ranging in height from 3-4m.  These poles are locally made to order. Prices are subject to project requirements. Please call our friendly staff for more information.

Buy Manchester10 for $450

If you need any commercial solar lighting solutions call BlackFrog Solar at 07 3881 1990 and schedule a free consultation today.

Until next time, good luck with the holiday preparations & don’t miss the free postage offers when you use “Christmas19” discount voucher!


Your friend and solar lighting experts,

The BlackFrog Solar Team