June 23, 2022

Light Up Your Town, Street, House or Garden with Solar LED Festoon, Bar or Fairy Lights

Light Up Your Town, Street, House or Garden with Solar LED Festoon, Bar or Fairy Lights

Add a unique lighting aspect to any outdoor setting with solar lighting. It is the most cost-effective solutions that can last the lifetime of the LED’s when sourcing a quality product. The following is a brief discussion of what to expect if undertaking the task of beautifying an area with festive lighting.

Lighting an area with lights that have a different look to purely functional lighting will add aesthetics that are seldom achieved through conventional methods. Solar lights have the following attributes that are worth considering when choosing a quality solar lighting product.

  • Lower carbon footprint than mains powered lights
  • Zero power bills, only the cost of a battery every 5 years+
  • Quality solar products should last the lifetime of the LED’s 15 years+
  • Wildlife and UV resistant cables can last for 15 years+
  • Solar panels last for 25 years+


Solar Festoon Lights






Weather it is for commercial purposes or personal reasons, commercial solar festoon lights provider atmosphere for areas that need “a little livening up.” Newer LED types such as the LED filament bulbs have a larger surface LED, so more perceived light is produced by the bulb using the same power.

If a long string of lights is to hang between two points, using a steel cable to support the festoon string will reduce any stress to the copper wire inside the cable. Picture frame hooks and gutter hooks are also ways to hang lights from walls, gutters and eaves.

Warm white LED bulbs provide an ambient soft light and atmosphere for dining and commercial precincts, The warm white light also attracts less insects than pure or cool white lights. Pure white is great to high light the colour detail of the surrounding features such as statues, garden art, etc.


Solar Bar Lights





Commercial solar bar lights are brilliant options to enhance structural features like fences, stairs, BBQ, seating and pathways. These lights enhance the linear nature of architectural features and have the brilliant side effect of enhancing safety and security.

Mounting a bar light facing down gives the effect of light raining down like a waterfall upon the surfaces the light touches. If the bar light has a wide enough angle of light dispersion, it can create a pathway of light parallel to the bar.

Upward mounting of the bar is best above the eyeline and will show off roofs, architraves, wall features and small signs better than a spotlight or small floodlight. The straight lines of light rising from many LEDs in a row gives way to an effect rarely seen in other types of LED lights.


Solar Fairy Lights






Solar fairy light installations are only limited by the imagination of the people involved in its creation. Trees, rotundas, balcony’s, galleries, terraces, railings, fences, etc, etc, etc…

There has been a recent uptake of local councils installing these to enhance their main streets and business districts. Domestic installations vary widely as every garden or dwelling can be turned into somewhere with a unique atmosphere every night.

Fairy lights are great for those winter evenings to brighten up the early darkness and even better for appreciating the summer evenings outdoors. Wrapping the lights around a branch or trunk with about 15 centimetres spacing and a loose wrap every fifth time will serve well. Cable ties, stainless steel clip or hooks are also good options for installing on fixed structures. Longer hanging sections (longer than 1.5m) should having a steel cable supporting the electrical cable.

With a quality system and a thoughtful installation, you will achieve a longer life cycle from your commercial fairy lights. If you purchase commercial fairy lights with a remote control, it will make maintenance and operation easier.






By Luke Horneman

Blackfrog Solar Pty Ltd