September 26, 2019

What you need to know about horse arena lights

a horse in a horse arenaHow much do you really know about horse arena lights? From selecting the right lights, respecting the standards to enjoying good riding times, you need quality lighting. Learn more about how you can improve the horse arena lighting experience in this week’s blog post.

Whether you are upgrading the existing lighting solutions or building a new space, ensuring your riding arena is properly illuminated can be quite challenging at times. So, if you wish to achieve the best lighting performance on your budget, there are some important things you should know.

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1. What are your lighting solutions options?

What are your lighting options for horse arenaFirst and foremost, you should evaluate all your options before choosing any horse arena lights. Is mains powered, generators powered, or solar lighting better for your application?

In most cases, solar lighting solutions stand out from the crowd, while offering its users many benefits such as:

  • no ongoing running costs
  • easy installation
  • low maintenance costs

2. How many solar flood lights do you need for your horse riding arena?

This usually depends on the size of your arena, as well as your illumination requirements. We recommend, though, using a minimum of four solar flood lights on a standard size arena (60 x 25m) for reasonable coverage with ambient lighting. (not recommended for jumping or public arenas). This will provide an approximate equivalent of street lighting or an outdoor car park over a standard-sized riding arena.

For maximum efficiency, remember they need to be positioned where they can receive maximum sunlight.

what do you need to know about horse arena lighting installation3. What do you need to know about installation?

BlackFrog lighting experts would never recommend mounting solar lights on poles or on building facades at the eye level of the rider, approximately 2 – 2.5 m above the ground. This is dangerous for the horse and rider. It is well-known horses can be blinded by bright lights directed at their eyes, as well as spooked by shadows.

So, for the safety of both the riders and the horses, we highly recommend pole mounting at 5 to 6 metres (minimum) with lights shining down, while providing an even illumination over the total arena surface.

This way, it reduces shadowing and the horses will not be disturbed by the direct, bright light.

4. When should you change the batteries?

Last but not least, make sure you provide proper maintenance. For instance, if the horse riding arena is located in a dusty environment, make sure to clean the solar panels regularly. You should also know that solar lights contain rechargeable batteries which can and will need to be replaced after some time (from 1 to 5 years, depending on the battery type). Simply put, when the lighting times no longer meet your requirements, it is time to replace the battery.

For your convenience, look for solar lights that have easily accessible batteries, or consider tilt poles if access by high reach equipment is expensive or difficult.

List of questions to be answered

Below is a list of questions our experts will ask when before giving advice on your project:

  1. How many hours of lighting is required each night? (Do you only require 2 to 3hrs per night, and only twice per week?)
  2. What is the activity being conducted in the arena at night? (eg: Groundwork, Jumping, Cutting, Dressage, etc)
  3. Do you have poles? If you have poles, what height are they? Are the poles timber or steel? And finally what is the diameter at the top?
  4. Is the horse riding arena used for public or private use? (This will determine the lighting levels required, and pole certifications) Australian compliance.
  5. Is the arena well exposed to sunlight or do you have some shaded (treed) areas? (This will determine if you require a fixed solar panel, detached or directional)
  6. Finally, do you have a budget in mind, as our lights range from $550 to $4,800? (including all mounting fixtures, battery, remote control, solar panel and LED light fittings)

Being pre-prepared with answers to the above enables a fast response to your inquiry.

Please note: BlackFrog Solar is interested in providing appropriate solutions, and will not recommend solar lighting if we believe another method of lighting is more suitable or cost-effective in your application.

So, are you ready to upgrade your horse arena lights?

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Until next time, we wish you a happy riding!

Your friend and solar lighting experts,

The BlackFrog Solar Team