February 16, 2023

Going Off Grid With Your Outdoor Lighting

Blackfrog Solar has installed Olympus2800 solar post lights for several customers that have needed to completely reinstall outdoor lighting due to damaged electrical wiring. Completely replacing lights, wiring and poles can cost a lot, solar lights cost only a fraction this and eliminates the need for power to be supplied to the light. These lights come standard with 3 year warranty that can be extended, we also have replacement batteries and spare parts to service these quality lights.

Two of these installations pictured had existing light poles, these were decommissioned and extended to the correct height for the lights with our unique pole adaptors and pole extensions sections. These lights are great for roads, driveways paths and can be put into various modes, sensor and timing.

Blackfrog Solar can customise any installation to meet the customers needs and also offer service contracts.