December 2, 2022

TOTAL Garden Lighting


We love when we receive photos from our customers with their projects. 

Our customer, John Saunders, sent us his recent garden project where he used some of our solar lighting products.

  1. Ambient garden spots featuring a large tree and garden area
  2. Lighting highlighting  entrance
  3. Driveway lighting
  4. Feature lighting to Pandanus
  5. Feature to garden

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Thank you John for your kind words about your interaction with Black Frog Solar

[/vc_column_text][porto_testimonial style=”testimonial-style-3″ name=”Jon Saunders”]

From my first visit to the Blackfrog retail outlet(where I initially only purchased Fairy lights) I was impressed by Luke’s CUSTOMER service and knowledge, he listened, took time  and was both interested in  providing a value for money and fit for purpose options, as well as explaining in layman’s terms the why he was recommending each option.

Armed with the knowledge Luke shared I did a TOTAL lighting plan for my whole garden and then returned where Luke explained in more detail the recommended best options for each of the revised lighting plan requirements.

I cannot recommend highly enough both Luke and Blackfrog for their personal service and professional recommendations, and strongly suggest you utilize their services as you wont be disappointed.

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If you want us to provide the same services for you, give us a call and get a quote today!