How our Solar Products work

Our Solar Products store the energy converted from the sun into rechargeable batteries.

The products then operate using that battery power. In order for the batteries to receive charge, the solar units must be switched “ON” during the day.  

For best performance

Your solar lights will perform best with fully charged batteries. To charge your batteries, ensure the solar panel is switched “ON” and placed in a position that will receive a minimum of 3+ hours of sunlight.  

Turn it on and keep it on

Turn your lights on and leave them on – they will do all of the work for you. The lights are designed to turn on and off automatically in darkness and light respectively.

External light sources

Make sure there are no night time light sources near the solar panel as this may prevent the light from turning on.  

Changing Batteries

Like all rechargeable batteries, our solar light batteries will need to be replaced from time to time. We stock all replacement batteries for our products, but you can also find them at any good electrical or battery store.  

Cleaning your solar panel

By keeping your solar panel clean from dirt and grime, you will extend the life of your lights. Wipe with a damp cloth or for a more thorough clean, brush with toothpaste and then wipe clean.

Using the lights indoors

Q: Is it possible to use solar lights indoors?
A: Yes, this can be achieved by:

  1. Placing the solar panel in a window that receives at least 3 hours sunlight
  2. Charging the unit externally and bringing it indoors to use

All you need to do is make sure the solar panel is covered/not exposed to another light source when you want the lights to shine.

Try using the lights on your Christmas tree.
They look beautiful, are safe to touch (don’t get hot) and are guaranteed not to cause an electrical fire.  


Q: How long will the LED’s last? What happens if one fails?
A: The LED’s have a 100,000 hour life span. In the unlikely event that one fails, it will not affect the operation of the remaining lights.

Q: The lights don’t look like the colour I ordered. They are clear?
A: All of our LED’s are clear until the units are switched on.

Q: How bright are these lights? (flood, spot, wall, bollard lights, etc)
A: We use super bright LED’s that have a very sharp point of light. The more LED’s there are in the unit, the brighter the light output.  


Q: Are the batteries included or do I have to pay more for them?
A: Yes, all units come with batteries already installed.

Q: Are the batteries replaceable?
A: Yes, replacement batteries are available from us or at any good electrical or battery store.

Q: How often does the battery need to be replaced?
A: On average, once every 12-18 months.

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