February 20, 2019

Commercial solar lights – part 2

Are you looking for commercial solar lights you can rely on for years to come? Also, do you need innovative lighting solutions to save you time, money and energy? You are in the right place then! This informative guide will show you what each type of solar light can do for your business. Let’s talk solar!

Why use clean, renewable and free energy for your business

Considering the current high cost of conventional energy systems, we strongly believe solar energy has a bright future ahead. This is because no one owns the sun (or at least not yet). Plus, we all deserve the right to benefit from free energy, don’t we?

In a nutshell, that’s what commercial solar lighting is all about: minimising costs using natural and high-efficient resources. So, if you want to pay less on your energy bill, this 5-minute read is for you. With a wide variety of commercial solar lights to choose from, we are convinced you will find one that is just right for your business.


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Public and commercial garden spotlights

No matter the weather, solar spotlights are a great way to bring any garden to life. In fact, this type of landscape lighting is extremely versatile, offering directional control over the beam focus. Plus, spotlights can add drama, create contrasts and highlight particular garden features such as interesting plants or trees.

Used for: public gardens and green areas, commercial outdoor terraces, etc.

Ground lights

Another stylish yet functional solution for your commercial project is represented by solar ground lights. They are easy to install in many types of surfaces such as paving, wood or gravel. Also, they have glass cover with high impact resistance, making them ideal for high traffic areas. During the day, solar ground lights completely blend in with the surroundings while storing energy into their batteries. In the evening, however, they surprise you with the special effects they create.

Used for: public plazas, parks, gardens, walkways, poolside lighting, etc.

Wall lights

Furthermore, if you want state-of-the-art, durable and high-performance solar solutions, then why not try the solar wall lights? Not only do they become part of the building and landscape design but they also provide a functional path lighting solution. In addition, wall lights can easily switch functions from standby, ambient all the way to safety and security lighting once the sensor is triggered.

Used for: location, advertising and real estate signs, small highway signage, garden paths, entrance areas, external stairs, open decks

Batten lights

Just like any other solar product, batten lights offer cost-effective, sustainable and reliable outdoor lighting. In fact, compared to conventional fluorescent tube lights, they can save you over 90% on energy costs due to their self-supporting power supply. Not to mention batten lights offer high brightness levels for a longer period of time, thus fulfilling many commercial or industrial requirements.

Used for: covered walkways, bus stops, amenities blocks, sheds, car park structures, outdoor kiosks, tunnels

Warning lights

Finally, let’s not forget that safety comes first! That is why warning lights are one of the most important commercial solar lighting solutions for businesses, councils or government departments. Whether you need them for road, marine or aviation security, these lights will offer guidance through high-intensity safety lighting.

Used for: highlighting docks, boat jetty’s, buoys and marine signage, runway strips, helicopter pads, taxiways or hazardous areas

How can BlackFrog Solar help you with your commercial lighting needs?

We all know how sometimes, choosing the right lighting type may be tiring for you and your team. And when you’re caught up between projects, paperwork and business trips, it probably looks like you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

At BlackFrog Solar, we totally understand your concerns. That is why we are there for you when you need us. From concept design, installation and follow-up maintenance, our team will guide you every step of the way.

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Until next time, save time, money and energy; go solar!

Your friend and solar lighting expert,

The BlackFrog Solar Team