St Vincents Mitchelton


Provide a cost-effective solution for safely lit wheelchair and walkway lighting, including supply and installation of poles and cement footings.

“We are always impressed with the quality and workmanship of the BlackFrog Solar team. They provide excellent service, advise and support. Jeff and his team know their stuff.”
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St. Vincents Aged care facility, Church St.


Supply and install of two street lights to the car park, Lighting for two entry signs approximately 6.0m x 1.2m in size
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The existing cement pathway was built several years earlier, but no consideration was given to after dark usage due to the age of residents, but as staff and residents started to use this access area more in early to late evening, safety became an issue and need a quick cost-effective solution. Now the path and gardens were established, the cost to run underground cabling for 240V power was exorbitant. Another solution was needed, and BlackFrog solar was approached for recommendations.

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BlackFrog solar was able to recommend an extremely bright post light of high quality commercial grade, and matching galvanized and powder-coated poles, with customer designed adaptors to easily mount the lights.
With the assistance of maintenance staff, appropriate pole locations were excavated, and anchor bolt cages cemented into place. After 10days the poles were delivered, bolted into place and the all in one solar Strand30 lights mounted to the top.

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No trenching, cabling, digging up of garden beds, or cutting of existing paths was necessary, so not only did St.Vincents save thousands on installation of solar lights, but even more with no ongoing electricity cost for external lighting. BlackFrog solar was also able to arrange flagpole lighting as a side project while the pathway project was undertaken. Using our commercial solar floodlight we were able to pole mount the solar panel and floodlight in a nearby garden. This enabled sufficient light to operate all night, with optimum brightness.

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