Port Stephens Tree Lights


Illuminate two prominent trees in the in the Port Stephens area with four commercial grade, high quality solar LED lights with vandal resistant cages.

“This is just the effect we were looking for. Great service and support from the Team at BlackFrog Solar”
Communities Team Leader.



Port Stephens Council


Supply and install of two street lights to the car park, Lighting for two entry signs approximately 6.0m x 1.2m in size
Port Stephens objective


The client wanted to explore their options to light up two large trees in a park with solar lights. Initially they were enquiring about festoon or fairy lights. Through discussions with Blackfrog Solar, it was decided upon to use colour changing solar floodlights to up light the trees and use vandal resistant cages. For simplicity, the cages would be constructed large enough to fit the solar panels inside the cages.

Port Stephens problem


A custom design was required for this project, to fit both the light and solar panel. Testing and evaluation were undertaken to ensure that this product would be fit for purpose. A local fabricator was engaged to manufacturer the custom cages for this project. Cement slab sizes were communicated to the Council installers, as Blackfrog Solar staff were not necessary to complete this install. A DIY solution was requested.

Port Stephens process


Once the cement had dried, the cage, flood light head and solar panel were bolted to the slab. The lights were charged for 2 full sunny days as per our recommendations prior to operation. This light can be controlled via remote control or Bluetooth app to control the features of the light. The Borealis3600’s real world application, exceeded the expectations of both Blackfrog Solar and the Port Stephens Council.

Port Stephens objective