Fernvale Tree – Fairy Lights


Install high quality, commercial grade, solar LED fairy lights in two trees and a deck on a property in Fernvale QLD to be used as a glamping venue.

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Equestrian Land Developments Fernvale QLD.


High quality, commercial grade, solar LED fairy light system.
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This large horse-riding property opened their gates to camping and horse-riding adventures in 2023, but due to their remote location customers often passed the property by (especially at night). The client was looking for a solution that attracted the eye and added a bit of WOW factor. After working with BlackFrog on horse arena lighting projects, they asked us to recommend a solution

Fernvale Tree problem


Our recommendation was to highlight specific trees on their property that could be seen from the road. BlackFrog recommended either commercial quality solar floodlights or wrapping the trees with commercial Twilight fairy lights. The client had seen some of our other projects and selected the fairy light option. BlackFrog offered the full service, supply, and installation package. The project was allocated to a 6hrs install. With an early start to the day, our BlackFrog Team was finished just after lunchtime. Each solar panel was covered to prevent light from reaching it, so daytime testing could be done prior to handing over to the customer. Nighttime images were provided by our customer, with outstanding complements on our work and the finished product.

Fernvale Tree process


Using high reach ladders and climbing safety equipment, each major branch was evenly wrapped with commercial fairy light cables. Additional guide cables were used to ensure cables stay at even spacing up the main branches.Some top tree foliage was removed where the solar panel were to be mounted in the tree, to ensure sufficient sunlight reached them for charging. Solar panels were screw mounted to the top tree branches and safety chains added to ensure visitor safety. Splitter cables and extension cables were included to evenly distribute the lights between all major branches.

Fernvale Tree objective final