Chevallum Horse Arena


Our competition winner was looking a solar lighting option for her 20 x 40-meter horse arena. She was needing lights for groundwork between 5pm and 9pm, with the possibility of upgrading to brighter lighting for jumping practice in the future. She entered our competition online in 2021.

“Amazing lights and super-fast installation, flexible to our requirements, while providing a cost-effective solution for our project. We were not aware solar lights could produce such bright light for long periods of time”.
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Private horse arena near Maroochydore Qld


This was a cost price competition offered to one customer in exchange for adverting images and true-life light measuring and testing.
Chevallum Horse Arena objective1


This client was looking for a cost-effective solar lighting solution for her arena, after getting prices for mains powered lights and poles, and falling over with the prices quoted. She noticed our Facebook competition online, and with some doubt and apprehension, put her name in the barrel to win. In July of 2021 she was notified as the winner and a date was agreed upon to supply and install, both cement footings then later (1 week later) erected the poles and mounted lights.

Chevallum Horse Arena problem


Staff from BlackFrog solar arranged the delivery of poles and Rag bolt cages to the client’s site, then began marking out and excavation of evenly spaces pole footings. After excavation, rage bolt (anchor bolt) cages were cemented into place and given 7 days to fully set. Using our ute mounted hydraulic crane, the metal tilt poles (mid-hinged or pivot poles) were lifted safely onto the bolts, then adjusted to the correct location. Basalt100 solar lights were then mounted to the tops of each pole and angled to the optimum light position. Testing was refined and adjusted a night with operating instruction and maintenance details provided.

Chevallum Horse Arena solution2


The new lights were easily mounted on the new poles using our standard adjustable mounting brackets. The brackets were angled to provide maximum light distribution while reducing shadowing over the arena surface. Although only 2 lights were installed as per the competition, BlackFrog was able to angle each light to maximize reach to cover most of the arena. The BlackFrog team provided a complete one stop high quality, commercial grade solution, with the ability to upgrade with extra lights and poles when funding was available in the future. This included consultation, pre-testing and nighttime adjustments, site clean-up and finally sign off commissioning by the client and BlackFrog management team on successful completion. The client was advised and aware 2 lights would not be sufficient for night jumping, and additional poles and lights were required for more advance horse training, such as jumping, or safe business practices if training others.

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