Ceder Grove Horse Arena


Replace the existing Solar lights, panels and switches, on 4 x 50NB galvanised poles with a brighter all in one solar arena lighting solution.

“It looks great! I am so happy to have them working at last.”
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Cedar Grove Horse Arena


All in one 100W Solar Arena Light with remote control.


The client had existing solar lights on straight poles that were not working and difficult to service. A simple, low maintenance and fit for purpose solution was required. A remote-controlled solar light would eliminate water ingress due to external wiring and downward facing light distribution enable better coverage over the arenas sand surface.


One by one the 4 existing poles had the solar panel and faulty light heads removed. The existing solar lights also had a switch lower down on the pole that in most cases were full of water. This system was not fit for purpose and this led to its failure. The new supplied solar lights are all-in-one and have IP65 water and dust resistance plus IK08 rating for impact. The new design eliminates cables, switches & plugs.


The new lights were easily mounted to the top of each pole with an adjustable pole mounting bracket. This bracket was angled higher than the standard model to throw light further across the arena. Although the existing poles were staggered, the amount of light supplied to the arena is appropriate for groundwork at night. Using the 4 staggered poles along each side of the arena was the most cost effective and appropriate solution without the need for additional poles, footings and lights.