Decorative Lighting for Canterbury Bankstown Council NSW

PROJECT Overview

In November 2023, BlackFrog Solar was tasked with supplying and installing decorative lighting for Canterbury Bankstown Council in NSW. The project aimed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the Lakemba area, specifically focusing on beautifying the main shopping district and surrounding areas in preparation for the 2024 Ramadan Festival. The scope of work included the installation of fairy lights in 16 trees and 6 palms, mainly warm white commercial solar fairy lights and meteor lights.
“The BlackFrog Solar Team worked will with council, accommodating project specific requirements while meeting safety and strategic goals. A pleasure to work with”
Stella Zhou
(project coordinator) Cnterbury Bankstown Council



Canterbury Bankstown Council NSW


Commercial Fairy Lights installation in 16 Trees and 6 Palms
Mainly Warm White Commercial Solar Lights.


  • Difficult Installation: The project faced challenges due to the high foot traffic in the area, requiring careful planning and coordination to minimize disruption.
  • Equipment and Safety: High reach equipment and pedestrian fencing were necessary for safe installation in the urban environment.
  • Weather Conditions: Inclement weather conditions required a flexible work strategy to ensure progress during periods of adverse weather.
  • Tight Timelines: Strict timelines were imposed to meet the March 2024 deadline, necessitating efficient project management and execution.


  • Time Management: BlackFrog Solar managed the project timeline effectively to meet the tight deadline set by Canterbury Bankstown Council.
  • Design and Implementation: A comprehensive design and implementation plan, including accurate costings, ensured the smooth execution of the project.


  • Beautification: The decorative lighting enhanced the ambiance of Lakemba’s main shopping district and surrounding areas, creating an inviting atmosphere for residents and visitors alike.
  • Longevity: The use of commercial-grade solar lighting ensures the longevity of the installation, providing sustainable lighting solutions for years to come.
  • After-Sales Service: BlackFrog Solar offered ongoing after-sales service and support, ensuring the continued functionality and maintenance of the installed products.

BlackFrog Solar Team:

  • Quality Products: BlackFrog Solar prides itself on sourcing, manufacturing, supplying, and installing only quality solar products, ensuring reliability and durability.
  • Community Support: As a family-owned business since 2002, BlackFrog Solar is dedicated to supporting the local community and contributing to its enhancement.
  • Product Warranty: All products supplied by BlackFrog Solar come with up to 10 years manufacturer warranty, providing customers with peace of mind.
  • Battery Replacement: BlackFrog Solar stocks replaceable batteries for all its products, ensuring ease of maintenance and longevity of the installations.
By overcoming various challenges and delivering high-quality results, BlackFrog Solar successfully contributed to the beautification of Lakemba and provided sustainable lighting solutions for Canterbury Bankstown Council.