Aspen Villas


Replace the existing mains powered lights using the existing poles. Electrical isolation of 240 power to each pole, then remove old light fittings, then fixing a brighter long life solar light solution suitable for each location. Existing 240V lights were dull in brightness or no longer worked due to damaged underground cabling.

“BlackFrog solar provided a cost effective all in one solution. It was good to find a company that offered a complete supply, install service, with local back up support and long warranties.”
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Aspen Gardens private residential village, Aspley Queensland


All in one 2800 Lumen Solar Post Light with remote control programming function, and warm white and pure white LED output selection.
Aspen Villas problem


The client had existing mains powered lights on straight poles that were not working and difficult to service. A simple, low maintenance and fit for purpose solution was required. A remote-controlled solar light would eliminate water ingress due to external wiring and downward facing light distribution enable better
coverage with consideration of residents, and excessive light pollution.

Aspen Villas problem


After 240V power was professionally disconnected and isolated, the 7 existing poles had their faulty light heads removed. The existing lights had become brittle and used Eddison screw type bulbs that were dull, expensive to replace with electrician charges, and became an expensive ongoing body corporate cost. This system was no longer fit for purpose, and this led to its failure. The new supplied solar lights are all-in-one and have IP65 water and dust resistance plus IK08 rating for impact.

Aspen Villas process


The new Olympus2800 solar lights were easily mounted to the top of each pole using the supplied fittings. Replacing the 240V mains powered light offered a 90% cost saving from locating and fixing underground cabling, and new 240V light heads. The Olympus2800 lights were programmed to the customers lighting requirement, with a dim standby light operation until the microwave sensor activated them to full brightness for a set time or until the person, or vehicle moved outside the sensing range of the light.