ABC Dixon Canberra Carpark


Replace existing 240V floodlight due to faults in the underground cabling, and extensive costs to locate, excavate and repair old services. Re-use existing galvanised poles, decommission and remove old system, then replace with high specification all in one solar 10’000 Lumen streetlights. Include special light programming mode to allow reduced light after 10.30pm to standby with Microwave sensor, the restore to 100% brightness from 3.30am till dawn.

“Another exceptional light installation, by the team at BlackFrog Solar, with excellent communication, fast installation, flexible to our requirements, while providing a cost-effective solution for our project. The lights look and perform well in Canberra’s challenging weather”.
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Federal Government Project (Canberra, ACT)


High quality all in one solar streetlight with Sensor, & programming function
ABC Canberra Carpark final


This Federal Government project consisted of 8 pre-existing mains powered poles with 240V 100W floodlights. The existing lights were in different states of condition with many no-longer operational. After advise from a local electrical contractor, the client was told the problem was not with the floodlights but due to the degradation of underground cables and services. Due to safety of staff a Diesel-powered light tower was installed to provide temporary lighting while a more permanent solution could be found. Quoted electrical cost to fix existing 240V underground cabling was 150’000, due to excavation of carpark for access.


After successfully completing a previous project in Lismore NSW, management at the facility contacted the team at BlackFrog Solar for a cost effective solution. BlackFrog sent our Canberra representative to inspect the site and provide a suitable solar solution using only the existing poles and decommissioning the old 240V system. BlackFrog was able to supply and install a high quality solar system for one third (⅓) of the quoted mains powered electrical price, with a fast 3 day site visit.


The new lights were easily mounted on the existing poles using our standard adjustable mounting brackets. The brackets were angled to provide maximum light distribution while reducing light spill into neighbouring high residential buildings. Although the lights poles were unevenly spaced around the carpark, BlackFrog was able to angle each light to maximize reach over the full carpark and security enclosure. The BlackFrog team provided a complete one stop high quality solution. This included consultation, light distribution, IES files, product supply, safety work practices, documentation and security certificates, installation using high reach equipment, pre-testing and night time adjustments, programming to meet the IES light requirements, site clean-up and finally sign off commissioning by the client and BlackFrog management team on successful completion.