Buyers Guide Why Solar

Why Solar?

There are so many great benefits to buying solar lighting over alternative lighting or ventilation products, perhaps that question should read: Why NOT solar? Read on and discover how ‘the game has changed’.

LED technology is greatly advanced:

SMD Technology

SMD – or “Surface-Mount Device” technology – has been in common use for regular electronic components since the early 1980s. Yet strangely very few lighting companies have dared mount LEDs directly to a circuit board. We’ve realised the benefits of doing so, with great effect.

Improved Mechanical Strength

By mounting the LED chips directly to the circuit board, they’re physically supported by the strength of the board. This means that as they heat up and cool down, they’re not going to warp and crack. As a direct result, our products will comfortably give a lifespan of 20,000 to 100,000 hours – an order of magnitude beyond our competitors’ products which use discrete LEDs.

Improved Thermal Transfer

Heat generated by the LED chips is transferred to the much larger, more robust circuit board, rather than having to be dealt with by the LED itself. This ensures that the LEDs can be run brighter and for longer periods without thermal stress destroying them in the process.

Improved Dispersion Angle

Traditional LEDs send most of their light straight ahead; owing to the construction of normal LED housings, the dispersion angles are generally in the region of 45 to 60 degrees. Surface-mounted LEDs aren’t constrained by these traditional housings, so can achieve a dispersion angle of up to 160 degrees. The result is more even lighting in all directions, without the “spottiness” most people associate with LED lighting.

Advances in Battery Technology

NiMH, Li-ion & Gel Batteries

One area in which many manufacturers skimp on to save a few dollars is batteries.

All BlackFrog Solar lights use Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH), Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) or Deep Cycle Gel cell batteries, to give you the quickest charge times and longest lighting periods of any solar lights on the market.

Older Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd) technology batteries are far cheaper to produce but are plagued by the dreaded “memory effect” (if they’re not completely depleted, they can’t completely charge).

They also take more than twice as long to fully charge and have a markedly lower energy capacity.

BlackFrog Batteries

Intelligent Current Sensor

Most of the lights we sell have voltage sensing technology built into the circuit board.

This senses when an electrical charge is coming from the solar panel and automatically switches the light on at dusk and off at dawn.

The result is your lights will always be on when you need them, without you having to manually switch them on and off.

Modern intelligent circuitry can tell the difference between the sun setting and dark clouds forming overhead.

So unlike some other products, our lights won’t be switching on and off randomly during the day just because a cloud, ‘plane or bird passed overhead.

As long as the UV light reaches the solar panel, the lights will charge, and when there is no charge the lights can be turned ON Automatically.

So, to answer the question: Why Solar?

Buying a quality solar light or ventilator from BlackFrog Solar is a single one-off cost
Solar provides bright long lasting lighting at a competitive price to mains powered systems
There are no ongoing bills, and maintenance is extremely low
No electricians are required
You’ll never get an electrical bill!

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