Why Buy Quality Solar Lights


Are they available at the discount hardware stores or large retail outlets?

Generally, no.  These stores buy lesser quality (cheap) products, so they can sell more stock at a low market price and make you think you’re getting a bargain. Cheap is not always the best.

Doesn’t buying cheap keep more money in my pocket?

The concept of getting a bargain or the best possible price is the major drawcard for many consumers today. And herein lies the problem. You get what you pay for. Think long term: pay that little bit extra, and get quality that lasts well over a given period. Buy a lesser quality item at a lower price, and get something that will most likely be landfill in a short space of time. That’s ok, you say, just keep replacing with more bargain priced purchases. But just consider how much you spend on multiple bargain purchases, compared to the one more expensive, higher quality item over the same period of time. Not to mention all the frustrations that come with failing or poor quality products. In most cases it works out more economically to buy one higher quality item, than it does to keep buying cheap.

Having said all this, there are occasions when you want to purchase a solar light for a one off event. In such cases, buying a cheaper product should fulfill your requirements.

Aren’t solar lights dull and don’t last long?

It is the cheap solar lights sold in the large chain stores that give many people the common misconception that solar lights are dull and just don’t last. Such impressions have predominantly arisen from either first hand bad experiences or word of mouth.

There is so much going for solar lights today. They don’t add anything to your electricity bill, they will still light up during a power failure, they have little or no installation costs and so on and so on. With today’s technological advances, it is possible to obtain high quality bright solar lights that can light just about anything, from a humble garden path to a football field. The higher quality solar lights also have a longer life span. Made of more durable materials, the lights and solar panels should last a long time. You will just need to replace the battery every so often. Buy something with a lithium battery, and you won’t need to replace the battery for 3-5 years!

Solar lights can be as bright as a standard mains powered light and last just as long. You just need to look beyond the major chain stores. It seems a shame to shun solar lights on the pretext that someone had a bad experience because they bought “cheap”.

I’ve been disappointed before…

We’ve had so many people come to us after the disappointment of purchasing cheap solar lights. Many complaints are that they simply failed after a few short weeks or months, or that the solar panel clouded over or that they only worked for 2-3 hours a night. But then they discover that quality solar lights really do exist, and that solar lights can actually fulfill or even surpass their requirements. We have had many customers return to us, not to replace lights, but to add more solar lights to their collection. Such is the turnaround in thinking once you have found what is right for you.

So consider what it is you want to achieve with your solar lights: how bright do you need them? what will be their function? How long do they need to light for: a couple of hours or all night? Do you need them to work for years or for just for a day or two? What quality do you want from your hard earned money? With these simple questions, you can make an informed decision on what is best for you.

So should we give quality solar lights a go?


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