How to Select the Best Solar Floodlights

Floodlights provide illumination over a wide area. BlackFrog Solar offers a range of high-quality solar floodlights that are suitable for a large range of applications.  This includes residential lighting, horse arena lighting, public pathway lighting and public car park lighting.

Our BlackFrog Solar Powered Floodlights are great because they do not require a powered 240V connection.

Just mount them where you need light and let the sun do the rest. The Solar Panel will charge the battery during the day to make sure they are topped up ready to at night.

The BlackFrog LEDs Solar Floodlights are leading the market with their innovative design featuring a High light (lumen) output. They have been designed especially for Australia’s Harsh Conditions offering IP65 weather protection using only high-quality components.

BlackFrog Solar Floodlight benefits

The BlackFrog Solar Endurance and Diamond70 LED Floodlights is a high quality, waterproof (IP65 rated) floodlight.

It has the following benefits over conventional floodlights:

Massive 90% energy saving compared to halogen floodlights.
Available in 30W, 50W, 70W.
Durable and effective heat dissipation design for long 50,000 hour lifetime.
Ideal for car parks, gardens, building and shop signage, security lighting, facade lighting, and more.
BlackFrog floodlights

BlackFrog Solar Floodlight selection guide

The exact wattage you require will depend on many factors, such as whether your existing floodlight is metal halide (MH), mercury vapour (MV), or halogen.

You can use the following as a rough guide when replacing existing floodlights:

The video above gives you an idea of the LED floodlight’s intensity.

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