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Who We Are

The family-owned business has developed solar lighting solutions with the Australian environment in mind. We have many return customers due to the high quality, reliability and durability of BlackFrog solar lights. This is because we are passionate about renewable energy and the benefits it can bring to our built environment.  Our solar lights are constantly evolving due to the rapid improvements in battery and LED technology.  Consequently, this allows us to compete on a level playing field with mains powered lights, but at a cost competitive and environmental advantage, due to the increasing costs of installing and running on grid lighting.

Whether it is for Government bodies, City Councils, Body Corporates, Business, or for the humble home garden and entertaining space, we have a product to fulfil your lighting requirements.  Furthermore, we can save you substantial amounts of time and money with fast installation, low maintenance and running costs.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognised as the first choice for customers who are passionate about product quality, efficient customer service and value for money.

We are seen in the marketplace as the company who cares about excellent customer service and delivers high-quality products and after-sales service. Our belief is that product innovation is at the core of our success.

We have continued to design and develop product solutions for an ever-increasing diversity of applications such as:


  • Commercial quality street decoration
  • Horse riding arena lighting
  • High output security lighting for mining and business sectors
  • Vandal-resistant pathway lighting
  • Sign lighting
  • Camp, Boating and Caravan lighting
  • Wedding and party light decoration
  • Commercial Christmas display lighting
  • Residential Christmas display lighting

What sets us apart from the rest?


The Difference

Price VS quality?

“You get what you pay for.” In all goods and services, the price generally reflects the quality. Therefore, we only trade in products we have confidence in and that meet our exacting standards. Our products are of a high quality that will outlast and outperform cheaper models on the market. In keeping our overheads to a minimum, we are able to pass the savings on, ensuring that the prices of our products are competitive, without compromising on quality. As such, we have many happy return customers including commercial and government bodies.

Need a Solar Lighting Solution?

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