November 26, 2020

Black Friday Deals 2020

Like nearly everything else in 2020, holiday shopping this year will be anything but typical. Most years, the unofficial start of holiday shopping is Black Friday, so we put together great deals for this Black Friday 2020!! Amazing discounts on our quality products, be sure to get in while stocks last.

Here are some solar products that are on sale currently, that provide extra lighting you need…

1. Commercial Solar Fairy Lights

BlackFrog commercial solar LED fairy lights are the highest quality, brightest, strongest and most impressive solar fairy lights on the market. As well as being Australian designed, these fairy lights are built for commercial applications. Boasting qualities never seen in solar fairy lights before, these lights are ideal for permanent decorative lighting in public outdoor spaces or temporary mood lighting around marquees, gazebos and much more.

These lights include a high-quality 15W glass-covered solar panel with two mounting options. as well as the panel includes a large capacity 12-volt lithium battery which can store enough power to run the lights for over 50 hours.
  • 2mm thick double insulated cables (Black)
  • Waterproof IP65 rating
  • LED’s turn on automatically at dusk (lasts 50 hours on fully charged batteries)
  • LED’s turn off automatically when the solar panel is exposed to light
  • Override remote controlled operation
  • Commercial-grade 9mm LED’s
  • Approximately 20 metres of lights with 5-metre lead-in cable.
  • Replaceable 12V Lithium battery
  • Impact-resistant toughened glass covered 15W solar panel
  • Solar panel size: 34cm x 29cm (includes a battery pack and mounting brackets)
  • Continuous ON function only

Starting from $250


2. Stainless Steel Gutter Hooks

Hang your Christmas/Party decorations with ease this festive season with stainless steel gutter hooks!  No nailing, no screws, no brittle plastic, no time-consuming wire ties.
Quickly and easily attached to any standard profile gutter, stainless steel gutter hooks are the perfect solution for hanging your fairy lights, rope lights or Christmas motif decorations from your gutters.  Save time as well as effort! Also, be sure Watch our YouTube video to see how easy it can be!
These come in a pack of 40 stainless steel gutter hooks.

Buy yours for $17

Just add the BlackFiday20 $25 discount coupon at checkout & you will get high-quality solar products at amazing deals!

If you need more ideas for the holiday season, visit our outdoor lighting page. Instead of waiting until stores are crowded in mid-December, shop early and be more socially distant and safe.

If you need any commercial solar lighting solutions be sure to call BlackFrog Solar at 07 3881 1990 and schedule a free consultation today.

Be sure to enjoy these Black Friday Deals 2020.

Your friend and solar lighting experts,

The BlackFrog Solar Team