With the holidays almost here, are you looking for commercial solar fairy lights that are reliable, cost-effective and energy-efficient? We have good news for you! Whether you need them for permanent or temporary decorative lighting this holiday season, our solar fairy lights will go above and beyond your expectations. Find out how in this week’s blog post! 

December is the month of joy, lights and feasts, with holidays and family gatherings all around the world. But, at the same time, it is the month when the power bills start rising. That is why we have to rethink this whole energy saving process and embrace alternative technologies that make sense for us.

When it comes to commercial lighting, traditional systems are gradually being replaced by alternative technologies. Solar fairy lighting, in particular, makes today an ideal choice for commercial use, whether it is used in public outdoor spaces, office buildings, gazebos or marquees.

What are solar fairy lights and how do they work?

What are solar fairy lightsIt is no secret that more and more Australian businesses nowadays invest in solar technologies. But what makes solar fairy lights different from other types of lighting? Before answering this question, it is essential to understand the technology behind them.

Basically, instead of drawing power from the mains electricity, solar fairy lights take their energy directly from the sun. Technically, a series of solar cells forming a panel absorbs the solar energy, then converts it into electrical current and stores it in the rechargeable batteries.

Finally, a built-in darkness sensor turns the lights on and off, thus controlling the operation cycle night and day.

What are the main advantages of choosing commercial solar fairy lights?

commercial solar fairy lights1. Safe and simple setup

Whilst the installation of traditional electric lights may involve additional charges, solar fairy lights are easy to set up. There are no outdoor outlets or extension cords needed to plug the lights into, which makes them safe to install, too.

2. Versatility

Another advantage of commercial solar fairy lights is their convenience. Whether you need them for seasonal Christmas tree lighting in the city or permanent outdoor decoration, they can be a perfect all-year-round lighting solution. Therefore, solar fairy lights are a popular choice for city councils, body corporates and businesses all around the country.

3. Zero running costs/free energy

This is probably the best part of alternative technologies. Compared to conventional lighting systems that may add up quite a lot to the electricity bill, solar fairy lights will save you money and energy, too. Besides no operating costs, maintenance is usually low, too.

4. Long lifespan due to advanced LED technology

Long lifespan due to advanced LED technologyIn order to be perfectly suitable for outdoor environments, the waterproof LEDs are strong and can last up to 100,000 hours. Plus, some of the commercial solar fairy lights feature large Lithium batteries that can store enough energy to power these lights for over 50 consecutive hours.

5. Low environmental impact

Last but definitely not least, solar lights have a reduced carbon footprint. Not only they are highly efficient but they also use pure, natural energy coming directly from the sun. This means a cleaner environment for every one of us.

How can BlackFrog Solar help you with your commercial solar lighting needs?

commercial solar lighting needsWith an experience of over 15 years, our entire team at BlackFrog Solar is passionate about renewable energy. Designed and developed in Australia, our wide range of products is meant to fulfil any requirements and also adapt to any commercial environment, from small businesses to large corporations.

At BlackFrog Solar, we don’t just sell solar fairy lights. We provide custom solar solutions including expert advice and friendly customer service.

We are here to light up where others can’t!  


If you need any commercial solar lighting solutions,  call BlackFrog Solar at 07 3881 1990 and schedule a free consultation today.

Until next time, Season’s greetings from the entire crew at BlackFrog Solar!

Your friend and solar lighting expert,

The BlackFrog Solar Team

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