December 20, 2018

6 Reasons why solar lamp posts are better than solar bollards

Both solar lamp posts and solar bollards provide ambient or functional lighting to residential and commercial environments. Whether you use them for the garden, street or pathway lighting, there seems to be a preference for one of them in particular. So, find out why our experts recommend solar lamp posts over solar bollards in this week’s blog post.

In general, solar lights represent a great alternative solution to conventional lighting, when mains power is not available or too expensive to install. But why are solar lamp posts better than solar bollards? Before answering this question, it is important to know what each one of them means.


What are solar bollards?

A solar bollard is a type of architectural lighting that stores energy during daylight hours in order to illuminate during the night. Given their small height, they can only illuminate a limited area, which can be a drawback if not chosen properly.

Generally, solar bollards are suitable for ambient or accent lighting in outdoor gardens or pathways. However, they can serve several other purposes, too.

What about solar lamp posts?

lamp postsWhen it comes to functional lighting, a solar lamp post may actually be exactly what you are looking for. Similar to a solar bollard, it is composed of a LED lamp, solar panels, battery and charge controller. But compared to the previous case, it also comes with a pole that helps spreading light over a larger surface. Teto spread, the lamp operates on electricity stored in batteries which were previously charged through the use of the solar panel.

Nowadays, solar lamp posts are a great lighting solution for commercial gardens and function venues, as well as for residential outdoor spaces.

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 What are the benefits of choosing solar post lamps over solar bollards?

As a professional solar light design company, we recommend our clients to opt for solar lamp posts over solar bollards. Here are just some of the main reasons:

cost effectiveness1. Cost-effectiveness

First of all, when choosing solar lamp posts, there may be lower upfront costs for you. Due to their favourable mounting height and power, these lamp posts can illuminate a greater surface with higher intensity. This means fewer posts and more savings for you.

2. Reduced downtime

Furthermore, since you don’t need that many lamp posts for a specific area, then you save time and money on future maintenance or necessary repairs, too. Whether it’s for driveway or pathway lightings, you don’t want to have them ‘out of service’ when lighting is needed most.

3. Easy pole mounting heights selection and adjustment

Also, compared to solar bollards, there is a wide variety of poles on the market to choose from. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the selection process; just get exactly the type and height you want.

larger solar panels4. Better lighting due to larger solar panels and battery packs

Another significant advantage is that lamp posts provide better lighting with the help of larger solar panels and battery packs. On the contrary, solar bollards can achieve lower levels because of their small batteries and surface area top.

 5. Simple replacement and low maintenance

Moreover, you can easily take out the solar lamp without removing the pole for replacement or maintenance purposes. In solar bollards case, however, the situation is ‘slightly’ different as they are typically ‘all in one’ units. This means it gives you no choice but changing the unit completely.

better protection6. Better protection from vandalism when installed in public spaces

Probably the greatest advantage of all when it comes to the unit protection is the lamp post durability. In other words, by having the solar lamp installed at a considerable height, you protect it from possible vandalism acts. This is something to keep in mind if you use them for public areas.


In conclusion, no matter the lighting type you choose, remember to always consider your needs such as purpose, power and duration. If you need further advice, one of our friendly specialists will be happy to help you.

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